Shocking: 2 Officers Dismissed for Killing Woman Over Alleged Witchcraft by Adamawa Police Force

Below picture shows the Police Officer Weeping As He and one other were dekitted and Dismissed From Service For Wrongdoing
Below picture shows the Police Officer Weeping As He and one other were dekitted and Dismissed From Service For Wrongdoing


The Adamawa State Police Command took definitive action on Wednesday by dismissing two officers, Inspector Ahmed Suleiman and Police Constable Mahmood Muhammed, following their trial and subsequent conviction for the tragic killing of two women accused of witchcraft.

The officers were previously assigned to the Dumne Divisional Police Headquarters in Song Local Government Area.

Providing insight into this development, SP Suleman Yahaya Nguroje, the command’s spokesperson, issued a statement to the press, elucidating the circumstances surrounding the dismissal.

He conveyed that the officers underwent a rigorous trial during which they faced a three-count charge, encompassing discreditable conduct involving defamation of character, culpable homicide, and the unlawful exercise of authority.

These actions are in contravention of paragraph ‘E'(I)(iii) and ‘Q'(I)(iii) of the First Schedule of the Police Act and Regulations, Section 370, 2020 as Amended.

Speaking on behalf of the command, SP Nguroje stated, “The command found them guilty as charged and recommended the punishment of dismissal for both defaulters.

They are to be charged to court alongside other co-suspects.” This resonates with the stringent adherence to justice and accountability that the Adamawa State Police Command upholds.

In accordance with the verdict, Constable Mahmood Muhammed has already been stripped of his official attire, a process referred to as “de-kitting.” Inspector Ahmed Suleiman, on the other hand, will undergo the de-kitting procedure following the completion of certain administrative formalities.

Addressing the ongoing commitment to maintaining discipline and integrity within the force, Commissioner of Police CP Afolabi Babatola emphasized, “The Commissioner of Police CP Afolabi Babatola warned officers and Men of the Command to be punctual and shun all Offences against Discipline.”

This underscores the command’s resolute stance against any breaches of discipline, ensuring that its members adhere to the highest standards of professionalism and ethical conduct.

The dismissal of these two officers serves as a poignant reminder of the responsibility that law enforcement agencies bear in upholding justice and safeguarding the rights of all individuals, regardless of their circumstances.

The incident underscores the importance of due process and fair treatment within the criminal justice system.

As the legal proceedings unfold, the Adamawa State Police Command’s decision to take immediate action against officers found guilty of such grave offenses serves as a testament to its commitment to transparency, accountability, and the rule of law.

The case also highlights the imperative for continuous training and education within the police force to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

The Adamawa State Police Command’s unequivocal response to the tragic incident involving the killing of two women accused of witchcraft demonstrates the organization’s dedication to maintaining the highest standards of conduct and ensuring justice for all citizens.

The dismissal of the officers responsible sends a clear message that actions inconsistent with the principles of integrity and respect for human rights will not be tolerated.

This development serves as a pivotal moment for reflection and reform within the Nigerian police force, underscoring the importance of accountability, transparency, and ethical conduct in law enforcement.

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