Alex Batty Returned to the UK After Final Argument With His Mother

Alex Batty Returned to the UK

Alex Batty Returned to the UK, the British boy who went missing for six years, has said he returned home after one final argument with his mother, as he spoke out for the first time about his ordeal.

Alex Batty Returned to the UK After Final Argument With His Mother

Alex Batty Returned to the UKAlex, 17, told The Sun newspaper that he had had enough of the hippy lifestyle with his mother Melanie, 43, and grandfather David, 64. “She’s a great person, and I love her, but she’s just not a great mother,” he told the newspaper.

He said that he had written her a note in which he expressed his love and hoped she would not be offended, but that he had decided to return to England.

Alex had been missing since 2017 when he went on vacation with his mother and grandfather in Spain. His mother did not have legal custody of her son.

Alex was discovered by a motorist who saw him strolling through rain near Toulouse, France, late Wednesday morning. He had walked 22 miles in two days and was carrying a skateboard when he was discovered at 3 a.m. He used the driver’s phone to text his legal guardian, Susan Caruana, and asked her to “Please pick me up.”

They were reunited over the weekend at her house in Oldham. According to Alex, a little disagreement with his mother was the final straw. He grabbed a rucksack, loaded it with his belongings, and left their home in the French Pyrenees, where they had stayed for just over a day.

He had decided that he did not want to continue their nomadic existence and instead wanted to pursue a university degree.

“We had a stupid argument about nothing,” he told The Sun. It doesn’t take much for my mother to quarrel over anything. She is adamant in her beliefs.”

In his note to his mother, he said, “Hey, Mom. I want you to know how much I adore you. I’m grateful for the life you’ve given me over the last several years.”He had not attended school throughout his time wandering across Europe, instead teaching himself algebra and computing.

He originally considered returning to the UK when he was 14 years old. When he turned 16, he discussed the notion with his mother, who tried to dissuade him, according to the newspaper.

During his adolescence, he worked as a handyman with his grandfather, earning money to pay for food and lodging. He expressed his desire for a “future” with The Sun.

He described his mother as “very anti-government” and “anti-vax,” and he was frightened that if he returned home, he would be placed in the care system. She continually advised Alex not to become a “slave to the system,” according to the publication.

He described his relationship with his grandfather, whom he referred to as “Grandad Batty.”

He told authorities when he was apprehended last Monday, December 11, that he had been wandering through the highlands for four days.

In actuality, the journey was shorter, but he claimed he lied to authorities to keep his mother and grandfather from being jailed. His mother, who went by the name Rose, is said to be contemplating a trip to Finland.

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