Ammunition Explosion Injures Fauda Actor, Kills Six Other Israeli Soldiers in Gaza

Ammunition Explosion Injures Fauda Actor

Ammunition Explosion Injures Fauda Actor, At least 185 Israeli troops have died in the Gaza Strip, as the Israeli force encounters heavy resistance from Hamas and other factions.

Ammunition Explosion Injures Fauda Actor, Kills Six Other Israeli Soldiers

Ammunition Explosion Injures Fauda ActorA musician and actress who appears in the Israeli Netflix show ‘Fauda’ was critically injured in fighting in the Gaza Strip on Monday.

According to the Israeli publication Walla, Idan Amedi, who plays Sagi Tzur in ‘Fauda’, was hurt when an Israeli army truck carrying ammunition intended for tunnel destruction burst.

Amedi’s father told Walla! on Monday that his son was gravely hurt, but his life was no longer in danger. His remarks were made before word of the incident broke.

Walla further stated that Amedi was taken to Sheba Medical Center in Ramat Gan on Monday afternoon and had surgery. Amedi is the second member of ‘Fauda’ to be killed while fighting in Gaza, following the death of series production manager Matan Meir in November.

Amedi was a reservist in the Israeli military’s Combat Engineering Corps after serving his mandatory service from 2006 to 2009, and he was called up as part of Israel’s mobilization effort in response to the surprise Hamas attack on October 7.

The Israeli military claimed the cause of the explosion, which killed six troops and injured eight others, including Amedi, was unknown, but it was examining if it was caused by Israeli tank fire.

tunnels at Khan Younis. The truck was in the Al-Bureij Refugee Camp when the explosion happened. In addition to the six slain in the explosion, the Israeli military revealed the deaths of three more troops killed in combat on Monday, raising the total to nine.

The Israeli army also revealed that 27 troops were injured in the last 48 hours of battle, with 23 of them in the Gaza Strip. Israel has encountered tough resistance from Hamas in the enclave, with 185 troops killed in combat since the start of the military assault.

According to Gaza’s health officials, Israel’s war on Gaza, which began on October 7, has killed 23,210 Palestinians and injured another 59,167.

The song is presented as a letter from a soldier on the front lines to his sweetheart, revealing how much he has been hiding from her, including “all the nightmares, screams, and blood on the uniform.”

Mr. Amedi has been a reservist since the October 7 Hamas attack on southern Israel. At the time, he posted on Instagram that he would give up performing or singing for a year to remain in combat, claiming that the Israeli military needed to act to protect Israelis in the south and north, where cross-border attacks with the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah had escalated.

“Anything other than the elimination of Hamas in Gaza and the uprooting of Hezbollah in southern Lebanon poses an immediate danger to our children,” he said in a statement.

Another video posted to his Instagram account shows Mr. Amedi, who was in a military engineering unit, counting down before destroying a target and dedicating it to the Oct. 7 victims and two compatriots killed in action. “We will avenge their blood,” he declares in the video.


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