Bradley Cooper Remembers “Terrifying” Time On ‘Sex And The City’ After His Audition Lie

Bradley Cooper Remembers

Bradley Cooper Remembers, Bradley Cooper has opened up about his first big break, when he appeared as Carrie Bradshaw’s brief love interest in an episode of Sex and the City.

Bradley Cooper Remembers “Terrifying” Time On ‘Sex And The City’ After His Audition Lie

Cooper, whose biographical drama Maestro has seven Oscar nods heading into this year’s Academy Awards, was speaking at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival when he reflected on his brief stint on the hit show in 1999. He remembered his worries going in because he had lied about his ability to drive a fast car during his audition.

He stated, “When I received the call to do it, I was afraid. ‘What do you mean I’ll have to do it?’ I couldn’t drive a stick shift, so they sent me to Models Driving School, and I was terrified. “I still messed it up, so they had somebody else drive the car and I just had to… pretend that we stopped.”

The actor played Jake in the episode “They Shoot Single People, Don’t They?” which aired during the second season of the hit HBO drama in 1999. Other notable alumni of the comedy include Elizabeth Banks, Justin Theroux, Vince Vaughn, and Matthew McConaughey.

Cooper was honored at the Film Festival with the Outstanding Performer of the Year Award for his work on Maestro. He has nominations for Best Picture and Best Picture, but not Best Director.

In a recent interview, actor Bradley Cooper opened up about his experience auditioning for the popular HBO show “Sex and the City.” He revealed that he had lied about his age during the audition process and that when the truth came out, it was “terrifying.” Despite the initial fear.

Cooper went on to have a great career, appearing in movies such as “The Hangover” and “A Star Is Born.” His candor about the experience is pleasant, and it serves as a reminder that even the most successful performers must start somewhere. His narrative also emphasizes the value of being honest and true to yourself.



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