BREAKING: Mbaka Returns, Address Protesters

Father Ejike Mbaka has been found after being reported missing in the early hours of Wednesday.

At around 3.05 p.m., Mbaka rode to Bishop court in a black car, waving and addressing the demonstrators to return to their different homes.

The Bishop’s house had turned into a ghost town by the time Father Mbaka
returned, as no one was found inside as everyone fled for safety when
heavy protesters besieged the city.

Only a heavy presence of
security operatives was seen parading the area in an effort to stop the
protesting youth, which proved futile until Mbaka’s return, which
elicited a flurry of noise and jubilation from the protestors.

It will be recalled that on Wednesday morning, protesters identifying themselves as adoration ministries parishioners stormed the Bishop’s residence, demanding the release of Mbaka, who they claim was arrested after Bishop Onaga summoned him on Tuesday night, an invitation Mbaka allegedly refused to accept.

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