Chinese Government Calls on US on Agriculture Cooperation

Chinese Calls on US for Cooperation in Agriculture
Chinese Calls on US for Cooperation in Agriculture

During the second phase of his mid-western states tour in America, the Chinese Ambassador to the United States Qin Gang called on China and the United States to expand cooperation in agricultural sustainable development.

Qin said at the 2022 U.S.-China High-Level Agricultural Dialogue that;

“Coming to Iowa gives me a great opportunity to see for myself the boundless black soil, and have a hands-on experience of the down-to-earth and refreshing farm work here,

The state of Iowa is among the top producers of America’s corn and pork.

In agricultural trade, the Ambassador said that China and the United States are inherently complementary and complimentary, and our potential for agricultural cooperation is limitless.

He called for the need to improve science, technology, and education cooperation, focus on sustainable development, boost technological assistance, and cultivate young agricultural scientists and technicians.

Qin also emphasized the importance of improving information exchanges and as soon as feasible restoring the agricultural dialogue mechanism.

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