House of Representatives Launches Probe into COVID-19 Relief Funds Allocation: Demanding Transparency and Accountability

COVID-19 Relief Funds Allocation
This pivotal decision unfolded during a recent session, a testament to the gravity of the matter at hand. Hon. Zakaria Dauda Nyampa

House of Representatives Launches Probe into COVID-19 Relief Funds Allocation: Demanding Transparency and Accountability

In a resounding move led by Hon. Zakaria Dauda Nyampa, representative of Madagali/Michika Federal Constituency, the hallowed halls of the green chamber echoed with purpose. The House of Representatives, stirred by concerns shrouding the allocation and utilization of COVID-19 relief funds, has unanimously resolved to embark on a comprehensive inquiry.

This pivotal decision unfolded during a recent session, a testament to the gravity of the matter at hand. Hon. Zakaria Dauda Nyampa, a distinguished member of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) representing Adamawa, took center stage. With eloquence and conviction, he underscored the far-reaching ramifications of the global pandemic, which sent shockwaves through lives, livelihoods, and economies worldwide in 2019.

Zakaria illuminated the profound impact, transcending borders and leaving no community untouched. Lives were lost, careers halted, and opportunities evaporated, leaving households in Nigeria and beyond grappling with the aftermath.

In response, the Nigerian government, acutely aware of the unprecedented economic upheaval, rolled out an array of programs, policies, and interventions. These initiatives were meticulously designed to breathe life back into families, fortify small businesses, and fortify public institutions. Budgetary allocations and substantial support from international donor agencies were harnessed, a testament to the government’s resolve in combating the pandemic’s far-reaching effects on its citizens.

The 2020 Appropriation Act earmarked a noteworthy ₦83.9 million for the COVID-19 response, complemented by an additional infusion of over ₦100 billion through supplementary budgets and international benevolence. Yet, shadows of doubt began to loom as concerns surfaced regarding the transparency and accountability in handling these funds. The Auditor-General’s report and corroborative sources painted a disquieting picture.

Hon. Ahmed Jaha, an influential figure within the All Progressives Congress (APC) representing Borno, echoed the collective sentiment. He pondered aloud on the staggering magnitude of these funds, envisioning a scenario where they could have metamorphosed into fully-equipped hospitals dotting each of the country’s 360 federal constituencies. He raised pointed questions regarding the alleged diversion of these resources for ventures incongruent with public health and safety.

In a decisive response, the Speaker, Tajudeen Abbas, dispatched the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) on a mission of paramount importance. Their mandate: to navigate the intricate labyrinth of fund expenditure. A meticulous investigation was set into motion, with the PAC slated to deliver a comprehensive report within a span of four weeks. This report, a compass of truth, would illuminate the path forward, guiding subsequent legislative endeavors.

The House of Representatives, fortified by its commitment to transparency, embarks on this journey of scrutiny. In the heart of this inquiry lies the promise of accountability, a beacon of hope for a nation recovering from the reverberations of a global crisis. As the wheels of investigation turn, the nation watches, a collective yearning for a future fortified by truth, justice, and equitable distribution of relief.


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