Divorce: Potential Remedies for the High Divorce Rate

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It is advisable to think about solutions after evaluating what divorce is and its causes, especially among educated couples. That is one solution to the high divorce rate, both among couples with higher education and generally.

What solutions to the high divorce rate are there?

The high rate of divorce both among educated couples and generally will be discussed in the debate that follows.

  • Understanding marriage.
  • Deference and courtesy (for both parties);
  • Acceptance of responsibility;
  • Integrity;
  • Effective communication; paying closer attention and raising questions as necessary.
  • Counselling
  • Increase your time together and communication
  • Don’t get married too young or involve other people in your marital matters.
  • Dedication

1. Understanding marriage: Without getting married, we will never truly understand marriage. We don’t just jump into marriage out of the blue. Always remember to do your research before committing; talk to those who have already tried it to get a sense of how it feels and for other considerations so you can learn from their mistakes. Many educated couples approach marriage in the same way they do education, failing to take note of the dos and don’ts of marriage and missing some key components of it, which ultimately results in a horrific divorce. While doing this, it’s important to pay attention to both your partner and the elements that will make your marriage successful so that you are ready to face any issues that may occur.


The secret to a happy marriage is learning to submit in every situation, including marriage. You find that everything works out perfectly for both partners in your marriage when you submit. In a marriage where both sexes are expected to submit, women, regardless of their degree of education, are not supposed to see themselves as equal to their husbands. You should submit to and respect your spouse as you ought to because he is the family’s main provider. Regardless of whether his educational level fits their own expectations, wives shouldn’t belittle their husbands because he is the head of the household and deserves respect. For men, it’s as crucial to respect their wives and stop bringing pride into their relationships. Your wife is not your property; she is your helper and collaborator. Just like you would care for yourself, she deserves to be treated with love, respect, and care. Stop acting against each other’s wishes and carry out what you both desire.

2. Sincerity

Wherever we are, truth always sets us free, and when you are constantly honest with your spouse, things work out well and you will certainly love your marriage since you will be able to spot any dubious behaviour. Your marriage will be peaceful if you can learn to be honest with one another.


Marriage is no different from our daily lives in that communication is crucial. Sharing information with your partner about your feelings and how you may strengthen your relationship as well as information about problems is part of communication. Instead of just hearing what your partner has to say, practice understanding what they are saying. Try asking your partner a question to clarify anything you’re not sure about. Don’t make any assumptions; instead, ask for further information and make sure everyone is in agreement. 90% of women talk more than men do, and they frequently assume that whatever has been stated before is what the family thinks. This should be avoided because it causes issues in families. Another frequent instance is when a wife speaks over her husband’s interruption and finishes the sentence.


The instant you involve the other person in your marital matters, your marriage will begin to deteriorate. Learn to keep other people out of your marital troubles because they might not be aware of your spouse and might give you advice that, by the time you start talking about your relationship‘s issues, would have completely destroyed it rather than helped it.


Consult a seasoned senior with more life experience when the need arises. For guidance on what to do and what not to do, as well as how to handle situations that are beyond your control, it is advised that you speak with your religious leaders. As many couples suffer in their relationships, neither party should seek advice from friends or other people.


You discover stuff you didn’t know about previously when you spend more time with your partner. For instance, it can be challenging for some educated couples to get to know each other well or to understand what their husbands are going through when they only meet for breakfast in the morning and at night while their partners are in bed. However, you discover certain issues in your marriage or the challenges your partner is facing when you make time for them. Spending quality time together might keep marriages intact. Spend some time together and absorb everything.


You’ve probably seen that younger folks are getting married without fully comprehending what marriage means over the previous two years. Others are given to someone much older than them because of wealth, while some are coerced into early marriages and hurry out or file for divorce because they lack maturity and don’t know what they’re doing. Younger folks should get advice on what marriage means if they want their marriages to last.

8. Commitment

Nothing on earth will endure without commitment; it is essential to every successful marriage. Wives should commit to their husbands, and husbands should commit to their wives in return by loving, respecting, and cherishing them. They can work together to make sure that their marriages are successful and that both sides are happy. As a married pair, do your share and support one another as necessary. For instance, the husband should provide meals and take care of other domestic obligations if the wife is in charge of cooking and other duties. Be positive and helpful.

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