Economics PG Coursework Scholarship 2022 Application

the university of queensland
the university of queensland

The University of Queensland’s Economics PG Coursework Scholarship is now accepting applications from qualified students. This fully-funded scholarship is open to all students.

About Economics PG Coursework Scholarship

To be eligible for the UQ Coursework Scholarship for Indigenous Students, 2022, you must be an Indigenous student at the University of Queensland pursuing a master’s degree.
It is our goal to help students of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander heritage pursue postgraduate studies in economics with us.
Scholarship: Its Purpose and Benefits

Aim and Benefits of Economics PG Coursework Scholarship

For the duration of the program at the College, the scholarship provides a discount of 100%% of the recipient’sTuition Fees (TF).

Requirements for Economics PG Coursework Scholarship

1. Australian Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander citizens are required to apply

2. Applicants willing to apply for this scholarship, which is for Indigenous Students, 2022 must be intending to a Masters’s by Coursework program within the School of Economics.

Ineligible programs include the following:

a). Master of Health Economics.
B) MBA (Master of Business economics).
c). Master of Development Economics.
d) A Master’s Degree in International Finance and Economics.
e). Master of Economics and Public Policy.
The Scholarship is for Indigenous Students, 2022 applicants will be chosen based on their undergraduate academic performance and relevant work experience.

You can click HERE to submit your application

Application Deadline

The application is already ongoing and it will be ending in August 31, 2022.

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