Education is sacrosanct and tied up to our Future

Education is sacred and vital to our long-term survival. However, bloodthirsty political demagogues in our midst are using it for political purposes.

The comatose outlook of our public schools in some parts of the country especially the north is mind boggling.
And the government of the day appears to be doing nothing to save the system from total deterioration.

Indeed, we are reaping the consequences of electing political leaders
with little or no clue on the impact and value of education on our
Societies. This consequently resulted in the government’s nonchalant
attitude that resulted in its ineptitude to improve the standard of our
deteriorating educational sector.

Poor remuneration of teachers has also been a major contributory factor
leading to the deterioration of the system. Because teaching job is been
considered as the least practice in Nigeria, which compelled people to
leave and discourages others to join the profession.

Besides, most teachers in our public schools hardly teach once a week
because they must have something doing elsewhere to be able to feed
their families. Because their salary structure is nothing to ride home

Unfortunately, most state governors failed to implement the so-called
minimum wage and the federal government appears to be making little or
no effort in monitoring the proper implementation of the act.

Consequently, the system continues to produce quack students that can
hardly read nor write talk more of having a broad knowledge to apply

Also, the rising insecurity mostly in the northeast and the northwestern
parts of the country is a result of three main factors ranging from
illiteracy, poverty, unemployment among others. But the government of
the day turns a deaf ear to the calls by like-minded individuals in the
society about improving the standard of education, making it accessible
and affordable for all and sundry, especially in remote areas.

Repeatedly, the government kept clamouring that there are no jobs
available for a great number of graduates forgetting that, if the
standard of the education system is improved, those young people can be
able to have acquired fair knowledge and apply that in the field of

Above all, it’s pertinent for the government at all levels to make a
bold step in improving the standard of our educational system, for the
society to be encompassed with people with vast knowledge and burning
desire towards the socioeconomic and political development of our Dear

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