Ex-Husband Identifies Slain Woman in Yola Hotel Beheading Case

Tragedy Strikes as Man Gruesomely Ends the Life of a Lady in Adamawa Hotel Room
Tragedy Strikes as Man Gruesomely Ends the Life of a Lady in Adamawa Hotel Room

Ex-Husband Identifies Slain Woman in Yola Hotel Beheading Case


  • A woman beheaded in the Yola hotel prompts a shocking revelation from her ex-husband, Auwal Garba, confirming her identity and detailing their recent divorce.
  • The Happy Day Guest Inn becomes the eerie backdrop to the tragedy as the hotel receptionist discovers the headless corpse, raising concerns about the safety and security within the seemingly ordinary establishment.
  • Investigations reveal a suspected ritual killing, adding a disturbing dimension to the already tragic tale and leaving the Yola community on edge as they await answers and justice for the victim, Bilkisu Alhaji Idi.


In a shocking and tragic turn of events in Yola, the Adamawa State Police Command has received a chilling revelation from a distraught man, claiming that the woman found beheaded in a local hotel was his ex-wife. The gruesome incident occurred at the Happy Day Guest Inn on Thursday, perpetrated by a suspected ritual killer.

The heart-wrenching disclosure was made by the man, Auwal Garba, as he recounted that his marital ties with the victim, Bilkisu Alhaji Idi, had only recently come to an end last month after a six-year union.

The details surrounding this horrifying act came to light when the hotel receptionist discovered the headless body in the room occupied by the ill-fated ‘lovers.’

The victim remained unidentified until Friday afternoon, leaving the community in shock and investigators with a daunting mystery to unravel.

Auwal Garba, the grieving ex-husband, corroborated the victim’s identity to the police, offering a glimpse into the tragic connection that unfolded at the Happy Day Guest Inn.

Garba shared that the couple, now estranged, had been blessed with a child, adding another layer of sorrow to an already devastating narrative.

The deceased had expressed a poignant final wish on the day of her untimely demise: to speak with her offspring. However, this heartbreaking reunion could not take place as the child was away with the grandmother.

The discovery of the beheaded woman and the subsequent revelation of her identity have sent shockwaves through the Yola community.

As investigations delve into the gruesome crime, the unsettling reality of a suspected ritual killing unfolds, leaving residents grappling with the horror that unfolded within the seemingly innocuous walls of Happy Day Guest Inn.

The Happy Day Guest Inn, a once-quiet establishment, now finds itself at the centre of a macabre tale that has shaken the local community to its core.

The hotel’s receptionist stumbled upon the grisly scene when checking the room where the ‘lovers’ had stayed.

The absence of both the woman and the man who brought her to the hotel raised concerns, prompting the discovery of the headless corpse.

The victim’s identity remained a mystery until Friday afternoon, casting a shadow of uncertainty over the entire incident. The lack of a face on the body added an additional layer of complexity to an already gruesome crime.

It wasn’t until Auwal Garba, the grieving ex-husband, came forward to the police that the victim was identified as Bilkisu Alhaji Idi. The revelation connected the dots in a tragic narrative that had unfolded within the confines of a local hotel room.

As the investigation continues, the Yola community grapples with the shock and horror of this heinous crime.

The implications of a suspected ritual killing add a disturbing dimension to an already tragic tale, leaving residents uneasy about the safety and security within their own community.

The pain is palpable as Auwal Garba recounts the details of his past with the deceased. Their six-year-long marriage had only recently ended in divorce, adding emotional weight to an already devastating situation.

The couple had a child together, further complicating the aftermath of this gruesome act. Garba shared that, on the day of her death, Bilkisu had reached out, expressing a final wish to speak with their child.

However, fate intervened, and the child, unbeknownst to the mother, was away with the grandmother at that time.

As authorities work diligently to uncover the motives and individuals behind this horrendous act, the Yola community remains on edge. The Happy

Day Guest Inn, once a place of quiet reprieve, is now forever marked by the tragic events that unfolded within its walls. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the fragility of safety in seemingly ordinary spaces and the need for heightened vigilance in the face of such unspeakable horrors.

In the coming days, as the investigation progresses, the Yola community and beyond will await answers, seeking solace and reassurance that justice will be served for Bilkisu Alhaji Idi and that such gruesome acts will not be tolerated within their midst.

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