Family Time: Stephanie McMahon, Takes Leave of Absence From WWE

Stephanie McMahon
Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie McMahon has shocking news: she will temporarily stand down as WWE’s chief brand officer on Friday to spend time with her family.

“As of tomorrow, I am taking a leave of absence from the majority of my responsibilities at WWE,” she announced on Twitter.

“WWE is a lifelong legacy for me and I look forward to returning to the company that I love after taking this time to focus on my family.”

The news came as a great shock… yet wrestling fans have been overwhelmingly supportive.

The reason for Steph’s absence is unknown, though her husband, Triple H, reportedly stated he nearly died due to a health scare, declaring his wrestling career was ended.

McMahon, Vince’s daughter, has been with WWE since 2000… and has spent 18 years in the ring.

Stephanie was promoted to EVP of Creative Writing in 2007… and then to CBO in 2013, where she has remained since then.

McMahon and Triple H married in 2003… and have three children: Aurora (15), Murphy (13), and Vaughn (14). (11).

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