From Being Poor To Best Graduating Student at US Varsity, Brilliant Man Shares Inspiring Story

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Eighteen years old homeless boy who goes by the named Griffin Furlong has defeated his colleagues at First Coast High in Jacksonville, Florida to emerged as the school’s best graduating student despite facing challenges during his academic journey.


  • Homeless boy has beaten his classmates to emerged as the best graduating student in US Varsity.
  • Griffin lost his mother to cancer and spent part of his childhood homeless.
  • He became successful in school and graduated with 4.64 cumulative grade point average.


The homeless boy, Griffin Furlong lost his mother to cancer and spent part of his childhood homeless with no proper education. He spent most of his life bouncing around between his relatives homes and shelters in Florida, United States. Despite all the challenges the brilliant man became highly successfully in his academics.

The exceptional man graduated with a Cumulative Grade Point Aggregate CGPA of 4.64 and his performance captured the attention of many people in California who started raising funds for him to attend college.

[quotation=’said Furlong of his new-found fame’]“People from California contacting me, people from Hawaii, it’s really been crazy,” [/quotation]

In a few days, more than $30,000 was raised for him to attend university for his bachelor’s degree. He says he feels humbled by the stunning financial assistant he has received from classmates and strangers in United States.

Griffin Furlong enrolled to study Civil Engineering at the Florida State University in Tallahassee, United States and after 4 years of his admission, he earned a bachelor’s Of Applied Science (B.A.Sc) in Civil Engineering.

Griffin narrated that his love for algebra, calculus, and problem-solving in high school led him to become an engineer. He now works as a full-time civil engineer at Atwell LLC.

[quotation=’ A brief about his mission on his website read’]“A couple of his main goals are to travel to schools to inspire students and fund a scholarship endowment from a portion of his book proceeds to help other homeless students,”

“If I’d made the choice back in the homeless shelter to not care, to not do my work, to just sit around, then my path would have been completely different,”

 “I probably would have hung around people who thought the same way. I probably wouldn’t have graduated.

“In order to do anything, you have to learn how to do it; you don’t magically become an engineer, you don’t magically become a doctor, you don’t magically become whatever you want to be. … Education is one of the best investments you can ever make for your long-term plans.

“I think the best thing that we can ever do is share our perspective on things, because you can learn a lot from people. One story could change someone’s life,” [quotation]


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