Google Drive for iPhone Now Lets You Scan Documents – Here’s How to Do It

Google Drive for iPhone Now Lets You Scan

Google Drive for iPhone Now Lets You Scan, Google Drive has suddenly caused some major issues for several users, who have discovered that months of storage have been deleted.

It’s uncertain whether Google will be able to resolve the Google Drive issue and restore the data. If you’ve been affected, you shouldn’t make any modifications to the root folder until Google tells you otherwise.

Google Drive for iPhone Now Lets You Scan

Google Drive for iPhone Now Lets You ScanUsers of Google Drive who haven’t had any storage concerns will be pleased to learn that the cloud storage programme has a new useful function. The software allows you to scan documents directly to your iPhone’s cloud storage. The feature is already available on Android, where it was recently redesigned, and the same functionality has made its way to the iPhone.

The new Google Drive layout includes a new camera button in the lower right corner, above the “+” icon. To begin a scan from the Google Drive home page, hit the “+” sign and select the Scan option. Both will take you to the camera on the iPhone.

Tap the button to begin a familiar-feeling document scan. Simply hold the document or receipt up to the camera and snap a photo. The animation below talks you through the full procedure.

The document-scanning tool allows you to collect numerous photos in order to scan a document with many pages.

After you’ve taken the photo, you can edit it as you normally would. You can crop, rotate, and change the colour of the image. This is useful if you want your photo to look like a scanned paper.

When you’re ready to save the scan, click the Save button, and Google Drive will suggest a meaningful title for the image or series of images that will be saved as a new PDF file using machine learning. This is another useful feature because it will save you time and make it easier to find and retrieve the scan in the future. That is, provided Google Drive does not destroy your data in the future.

I’ll remind you that the iPhone already has a document scanner built in. Similarly, you can scan papers directly into the Notes app. If you sync Notes across iPhone, iPad, and Mac, you’ll always have access to the scanned document.

However, Google Drive is an excellent alternative. Some iPhone users may prefer scanning documents directly to Google’s cloud storage.

The capability should be available to all Google Drive users soon. Just make sure you have the most recent version of the programme.


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