Greg Abbott’s Fight With Biden Sparks Warnings ‘Civil War’ Has Begun

Greg Abbott's Fight With Biden

Greg Abbott’s Fight With Biden, The intensifying confrontation between Texas Governor Greg Abbott and the Biden administration over the southern border is raising concerns that a “civil war” is about to break out in the United States.

Greg Abbott’s Fight With Biden Sparks Warnings ‘Civil War’ Has Begun

Greg Abbott's Fight With BidenConservatives believe a conflict could break out if Abbott defends Texas’ “constitutional right to self-defense” in reaction to President Joe Biden’s immigration policies. On Thursday, the governor accused the White House of having “broken the compact between the United States and the States” after the Supreme Court ruled that federal Border Patrol officials can remove razor wire built at Abbott’s request along the border.

In response to Abbott’s statement, internet sensation Terrence Williams warned his 1.7 million followers on X (previously Twitter) that “CIVIL WAR IS COMING SOON”.

“You are trying to start a civil war,” Williams said the president in an online video. “You got everybody in the state of Texas all bent up.”

Conservative blogger Carmine Sabia agreed, writing on X, “Joe Biden is about to start a Civil War over his treasonous handling of the border.”

On X, conservative podcaster Graham Allen asked, “Has the Civil War officially begun?” Oklahoma and Texas have now defended America!”

Abbott’s Republican allies, like Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin, have expressed support for his policy and pledged to continue aiding Texas as migrants cross the border at unprecedented rates. Last month, 302,000 migrant encounters were registered, marking an all-time high.

The conflict between Abbott and the Biden administration has heated up in recent weeks, as the governor has expanded Operation Lone Star and boosted the law enforcement roles of the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Texas National Guard. Earlier this month, Texas authorities seized a public park on the Rio Grande’s beaches near Eagle Pass, preventing Border Patrol agents from accessing approximately 2.3 miles of the southern border.

A post published by Chuds of TikTok, a frequently critical account of conservatives, shows one LinkedIn user questioning, “Is this how Civil War erupts?” The piece then projected that the disagreement would prompt Biden to federalize the Texas National Guard, taking leadership away from Abbott, and finally lead to the president declaring martial law.

On X, Chuds of TikTok captioned the screenshots: “Maga is horny for a civil war.”

While Texas Democrats and the White House have chastised Abbott for using “political stunts and inflammatory language to advance his agenda” and urged Biden to take action against the governor’s use of state law enforcement, the president is facing pressure from both political parties on the border.

Abbott’s move to transport migrants to Democrat-led communities to relieve the strain on Texas and put pressure on the Biden administration to respond has prompted some Democratic leaders to defy their party and criticize the federal government’s approach to the migrant inflow.

The mayors of Chicago, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, and New York City have pushed Biden to provide additional government assistance to address the rise in immigration in their cities. Even Senator John Fetterman, previously largely regarded as a progressive, has declared a “crisis at our border.” The Pennsylvania Democrat stated that, while he supports immigration, “it can’t be controversial that we should have a secure border.”

According to a Harvard CAPS-Harris poll issued Monday, immigration has surpassed inflation as the top policy worry among voters, with 35% of Americans ranking it first, followed by 32% who chose inflation.

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