Guanzon calls party-list harassment ‘gossip’

Rowena Guanzon
Rowena Guanzon

Rowena Guanzon, a retired Elections Commissioner, refuted claims that she harassed the nominees of the P3PWD party-list group in order to get a seat in the 19th Congress.

Guanzon is accused of pressing the five P3PWD party-list nominees to resign by declaring disability so that she could take over as the group’s first nominee, according to former National Youth Commission (NYC) chairman Ronald Cardema.

In the party-list elections, P3WD gained one seat.

Guanzon was also accused of portraying herself as the P3PWD party’s nominee throughout the campaign, according to Cardema.

Guanzon, on the other hand, stated that the party-nominee, list’s Grace Santibaez Yeneza, has already been sworn in as the P3PWD party-first list’s nominee, and that whoever represents the organization will undoubtedly further its cause.

The P3PWD will campaign for legislation that will help people with disabilities and the elderly live better lives.

Guanzon went on to say that if she is chosen to represent P3PWD in Congress, she will be honored.

Guanzon, on the other hand, contended that Cardema is only seeking retribution for objecting to him being the first nominee of the Duterte Youth party-list since he was overage as a Commission on Elections (Comelec) commissioner.

A young nominee must be at least 25 years old on election day, but not more than 30 years old, according to the party-list statute. When Cardema presented his certificate of nomination and acceptance for the Duterte Youth party-list to the Comelec, he was already 34 years old. As the first nominee of the youth party-list group, he was later disqualified.

Guanzon also claimed last year that Cardema may have violated the Omnibus Election Code (OEC) for engaging in partisan political activities while serving as an official of the NYC and the Duterte Youth at the same time.

Except for those holding political offices, the OEC prohibits any officer or employee of the civil service from directly or indirectly intervening in any election campaign or engaging in any partisan political activity, except to vote or to maintain public order if he is a peace officer.

Guanzon said on Twitter that Cardema made public his claims on Friday, claiming that the former NYC official only knows rumor (“Puro siya tsismis. Marites”).

“What has Cardema accomplished in the Youth Commission? He is receiving a salary from our taxes. Instead of working, he spends government time on trying to damage my reputation”, she stated

Guanzon has also stated that she will not debate Cardema because he is not even a lawyer.

“Cardema has no job after June 30. No college degree. No job. Why doesn’t he just challenge me to a duel?” she stated

Guanzon stated that she will press charges against Caldema.

“That Ronald Cardema is annoying me. If he doesn’t stop, I will file a criminal case against him. He is a government official; he should act with courtesy at all times”Guanzon stated.

She also challenged Cardema to provide evidence to back up his claims.

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