How Pregnancy Test With Sugar Works And It’s Accuracy

Pregnancy Test
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This improvised, non-scientific Pregnancy Test is simple to perform, but it might not be reliable.

Even before missing their period, infertile couples frequently want to know if they are pregnant. To get some preliminary results, some couples may experiment with DIY pregnancy test ideas, such as a test using sugar. Due to the supplies for the sugar pregnancy test being readily available, it is popular. But how accurate is the test?


  • To confirm if you have taken in, you can use a clinical blood or urine test, a home pregnancy test, or both.
  • If the sugar clumps while being poured into the urine, the sugar test is regarded as positive.
  • The accuracy of sugar pregnancy tests has not been established by science or by medical organizations.


To learn more about the procedures, precision, and other features of a sugar pregnancy test, read this post.

A Sugar Pregnancy Test: What Is It?

It is a do-it-yourself pregnancy test that uses urine and sugar. It is believed to detect the presence of the hormone known as human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) during pregnancy.

The Homemade Sugar Pregnancy Test: How Does It Work?

A sample of the day’s first urine, pure white sugar crystals, and a sterile cup are required for the test (preferably a transparent one to read the reaction).

  • Fill an empty cup with a few spoonfuls of crystallized simple sugar.
  • Take a sample of your pee in a different cup.
  • Pour the pee into the sugar-filled cup and watch the outcome.
  • It is considered good if you see sugar clumping in the mixture.

How Does The Sugar Pregnancy Test Purportedly Operate?

No research has been done to explain how the hCG hormone in the urine interacts with sugar to cause a response. According to some supporters, hCG prevents sugar from dissolving easily and causes it to clump together instead. This allegation, however, has no medical support.

How Reliable Is a Sugar-Based Home Pregnancy Test?

The sugar test for pregnancy may not always be accurate, just like homemade pregnancy tests. No medical group has provided any support for it, and no medical authority has commented on its accuracy. If you decide to use this test anyhow, you should back it up with a pregnancy test kit that may be used one to two weeks after your period has been missing.

The Sugar Pregnancy Test: When Should You Take It?

If you want to try it, wait one week after your menstruation is missed. After implantation, the hCG level in the urine typically takes two weeks to rise (2). When the hCG content is high, you should do the test early in the morning with the first pee sample of the day.

How Do I Read The Results Of A Sugar Pregnancy Test?

It is thought that results could be obtained by leaving the solution alone for a while.

  • Sugar lumps are seen in a test that is positive. They assert that the reaction is caused by hCG reacting with sugar crystals.
  • When there are no such response and sugar dissolves in urine, the outcome is negative.

The only choices that might be successful in confirming your pregnancy if you think you might be pregnant are over-the-counter test kits.
How Can Pregnancy Be Tested?

These tests could be used to identify if you’re pregnant:

Kits for home tests look for the hCG hormone in urine. They deliver outcomes quickly and are reasonably priced. They could occasionally cause false-positive or false-negative test results. You might think about doing the urine test at least a week following the missed period if you want a reliable reading. The largest concentrations of pregnancy hormones can be seen while sampling urine in the morning.

A blood test and/or a urine test are used in clinical testing to identify the result. While the urine test procedure functions similarly to a home test, the sample is sent to a lab for analysis. Once more, there are two types of blood tests: qualitative (to look for pregnancy hormone) and quantitative (to detect the amount of hCG hormone).

When Should I See A Doctor?

If your period was missing or you engaged in unprotected sex, you should see a doctor check for early signs if you got pregnant or not. Missing your period, morning sickness, bloating, abdominal cramps, exhaustion, and breast tenderness are a few possible symptoms (5).

A sugar pregnancy test can be a cheap way to find out if you’re pregnant. But compared to pregnancy kits that can be purchased at a store, it is ineffective.

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