How To Make 100 dollars a Day Online Easily (2021)

I’m going to share everything I know and have learned from personal experience and other people’s experiences, how you can make your first dollar online and even go as high as $100 in a single day on the Internet.

I would put you through How To Make 100 dollars in a day for the rest of your life. You can pretty much guess how much it’s worth in Naira or your currency. The minimum wage in Nigeria is currently 30,000 or essentially $62 which simply means this is the minimum amount an employer should pay an employee. This single hundred dollar note, as at the time of making this video is worth 48,000 Naira.

making that much per day. The disclaimer’s really tough. However, in this video we’ll talk through some things you can do to push you towards the goal of up to $100 in a day but here’s a little backstory. I
remember the very first time I made money online from my graphic design work. It was $500 and I had made a design for a tech company. I was on the Bus, the BRT to be specific, and I screamed like a crazy person.
People on the bus were confused and wondering, who is this dude and why
is he making noise? Excuse me, why are you being loud. Little did they know! Anyway, I’m going to share everything I know and have learned from
personal experience and other people’s experiences, how you can make
your first dollar online and even go as high as $100 in a single day on
the Internet.

No strings attached, no get rich quick scheme and I’m not charging you for anything. I already made a video about how I make $500 per day and you guys watched that video like crazy, in that video, I break down my 5 streams of income and every single detail. I suggest you watch that after you watch this. I’ll leave a link to that video in the description. I want to say that if anyone wants to increase whatever they earn, they can tackle it in3 ways,
aggressively, defensively, or both which is actually the best way to go about it. If you want to increase your income situation aggressively,
you’ll have to work really hard and really smart, to put it mildly.
Doing it defensively means you need to cut back on spending without planning, budgeting, and cutting costs not living above your means. A
combination of both will see you bringing forth great results and what I
want to share here are a few things you can consider on that path.

note that the points I’m going to mention are not some easy path to success. They require hard work and that’s what makes people make it,
truly. In this video, I’ll also mention dollar amounts a lot but if you want to figure out the Naira amount. Simply multiply it by 480 which is the parallel exchange rate at the time of making this video. If you’re new to the channel, welcome, and if you’re returning, welcome back.

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In my video on how I
make $500 a day, I talked about my journey into graphic design but not in so much detail. I started out by drawing in school, I drew comic
books and learned a couple of things along the way. I started out by taking courses on graphic design. One of the first courses was on
Typography by Ina Saltz and I’ll leave a link to watch it in the description. Then I copied as many creative designs as I could find from flyers, posters, and everything I could see in Unilag back then, and I
recreated them to my taste until I became better. I later majored in user interface design as my graphic design career grew and I was able to make over $500 to $1,000 for every design I did at the time. It was not just a matter of how much work I wanted to put into it.
The basic point is to perfect that skill and be open to learning, a lot. Portrait
Photography Portrait Photography is another huge way you can make more than $100 a day. My friend Amazing Klef takes some of the best portraits
in the country right now and he has even expanded his business to include shows with celebrities. I’m not sure of what he currently
charges but Amazing Klef’s portraits can be as high as $200 for a photo and even more. God when! And I can snap o. But the thing is, he perfected the skills and he didn’t stop learning, growing, and evolving.
This is the way it should be. Now almost everyone wants to take a photo
with him but he’s really booked and busy and that would even make the
charges much higher.

of using the camera, videography is one of the most lucrative sources
of income for people especially now that we are in a global economy.
Companies and business owners are usually looking for people who can
tell their story in a nice video form and you can be the person that does that for them behind the camera. I would know because not only do I
now make videos for a living, more on that later. I used to make videos
commercially for people. Videos capture a lot more than photos would and you can form a story or narrative and this can in turn influence people and help the creator or business owner achieve certain goals. You will definitely need some sort of training and YouTube is packed with free resources and videos on how to edit, cut, and export video projects. The right software to use and even how to make videos with
your phone. One of the biggest tech YouTubers in Nigeria, Eric Okafor
aka KnewKeed actually uses his phone to make videos and has garnered
over 140 thousand subscribers. This just goes to show that it’s the
story that’s important.

Wedding Coverage: If there’s anything we love in Nigeria more than wizkid, Davido, and jollof rice. Its weddings. The Nigerian wedding market is a million-dollar Industry.
Even statistics according to Google show that Nigerians have breakout keyword search rankings for celebrity weddings and the latest Ankara fashion styles. It’s a culture and it’s also a huge industry. I’ve heard stories of wedding photographers and videographers charging close to a
million Naira for coverage which is around $2,000 as at the time of making this video and some even way more. I can’t imagine how much is also spent on catering, the hall, and the decoration. A friend of mine,
Timmy Davies is one of the prominent wedding Videographers that I know and he’s been able to build his business from the ground up. He has also specialized in weddings and you just need to check out his work. It’s very lovely to watch and very emotional. But wow, Nigerian weddings are something.

someone who’s spent a better part of his life being a graphic designer,
I’ve also met a few coder friends of mine. Some are also acquaintances
and the numbers I hear, although they vary. They are actually quite lucrative. I remember taking a week to see how I could start putting together resources to learn how to be a coder but my workload didn’t even allow me. I usually still wish I could code and develop websites
and apps but I know for a fact that developers can get as high as $2,000
to $10,000 to develop 1 single app. Also, people could even develop their own apps and push them to the App Store or Playstore, they can develop their own websites and make money through advertising on their platform and that way, generate sustainable income for themselves. With the skill of web or app development, you can either work for yourself or for a company and can make way higher than $100 a day but it takes a
lot of discipline, a lot of time, and even months to finish up 1 single project. But it’s rewarding.

If you feel like you want a more passive approach. The option of selling digital assets online is one I would recommend for someone who’s either reached a good point in maybe their creative design, photography, videography, and even coding careers. If you can develop websites, you can take a design you’ve made and turn it into a web theme for people to purchase on a site like WordPress or Themeforest and make money just by working once. The same thing applies to graphic designers and photographers who can sell the icons or layers of designs and photographs they’ve created on freepik, Unsplash, graphicriver, Shutterstock, and many more to name a few. Videographers can also even sell videos they’ve made or license them for a fee even on shutter stock. The opportunity is endless once you’ve mastered something and can redistribute and the gains quickly add up. I know a friend of mine and a YouTuber called Em Etetim who sells presets for photography.

Even Amazing Klef who I mentioned in the photography section of this video also sells courses on how he edits his own pictures. Also, guys, if you’re finding this video useful do hit that like button, it would really go a long way in helping this video get discovered and help more people benefit from the knowledge we’re sharing here and hit that subscribe button and the bell icon beside it so you’ll be the first to know when I post new videos alright back to the list.

Affiliate Revenue, Studying & Saving Money If there’s anything I usually advise people to do especially if you want to go far in your career, it’s to actually study hard about the field you’re interested in, and believe me, it works. Not only are you influencing your mind to grow much better, but you’re also learning skills that you will apply along the way of your success. One of the books I always recommend people read is the Million is Next Door, this book absolutely changed my mind about money and I’ll leave a link to where you can it on Audible free for the first 30 days.

In one of my previous Finance Friday videos where I talked about my money mistakes and things I wish I knew better, I was talking about how I should have started budgeting or essentially being defensive with my spending. I should have cut back on more stuff and the moment I did, my eyes started to open. Anyway, it was how I managed to put away some money and live below my means which in turn helped me grow financially. I also become the first Ambassador for Musicbed which is the service I use for all the songs on my channel. I worked with Jumia and also Amazon Affiliates. I can’t put a dollar value on reading and saving to be specific but it’s a whole lot and has transformed my video on money. Totally.

Alright, I’m sure you all saw this coming, or probably not. It’s investing in stocks from
global companies and also in cryptocurrency assets. The first video I
made this year on how I made up to $10,000 with financial apps included companies like Bamboo and Trove that help Nigerians invest in stocks
from the United States. I know people who have also gained a lot of
money this way and in fact, I know people who only put their entire
salary right into the app so that they can hedge against the dollar. By
the way, if you’re Nigerian and you’re watching this.
I made a video
about why the Naira and Dollar rate is the way it is, I talked about
inflation and how it affects the economy and I want you to watch that
video when you get the chance. If you’re in the US, however, I also
partnered with Webull and they were generous to you guys who are
subscribed. So if you’re in the US and these other countries, you can
get up to 2 free stocks valued up to $1,400 if you deposit $100 with the
link in the description below on Webull.
They are a very prominent
trading company and they even started trading Dogecoin. Cryptocurrency
is also one of the ways people make money these days I did a video on
how you can buy cryptocurrency in Nigeria but the thing is, it’s a very
risky asset and there are stable platforms that help with good interest
but it’s one of the many ways people can actually make money. Although I
personally don’t advise people to put in something they can’t afford to
lose in it.

a joke that almost everyone with followers on Twitter is an influencer
BUT it’s also possible to stand out in this niche. Usually, when people
attain a following, say 5,000 followers they join a category that online
marketers would call micro-influencers.
Marketers and even companies
use these kinds of people to promote products because first of all, they
are relatively affordable for the company since they won’t ask for high
fees that influencers with larger followings have, and they have the
word of mouth level of reach because people with modest followings most
likely knows a lot of the people that follow them compared to someone
with say 50,000 followers who might not know more than 90%of the people
following them.
Promoters who have a micro-influencer level of following
of say, 5 to 10,000 followers in Nigeria can earn anywhere between $20
to $60 per post and depend on what you’re doing for the brands or
products and services you’re promoting. You can charge higher fees.

last but not least is creating original content or starting either a
YouTube channel, a podcast, or just a consistent flow of content on social media. This is kind of but not too similar to my previous point.
This one doesn’t have the prospects of even gaining income in the first place because many people I know are content creators or generally creative people that showcase their work online. They started it with the passion that they had for the field.
My friend Tayo Aina Films is
someone who started out for the love of exploring places and people,
Mohammed Agbadi also is an illustrator that brought his passion and translated it into something bigger for the world to see. It’s now more intentional and requires a lot more thinking and consistency but the overall goal is to create something you love and something that is of value to the people who are watching you or reading your work, or following the piece of yourself that you choose to show the world.
In terms of the dollar amounts or how much you can make here. It really depends on how consistent you are and how much you’re willing to learn.
one of my previous finance Friday videos where I talked about the $500 a
day income. I broke down how YouTubers earn money and how much I
actually make so if that’s something you’re interested in watching. I’ve left that link. I’m really curious to hear from you.
What are you currently doing now for work and if you don’t mind sharing how much you make I’ll leave a heart and reply to your comment? Also if there’s any question you have, please feel free to leave a comment below let’s chat.
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