International Widows’ Day: “Sustainable Solutions for Widows’ Financial Independence”

Tears of the Nigerian Widow
Tears of the Nigerian Widow

The 23rd of June every year is designated as International Widows’ Day by the United Nations, which started the initiative in 2010. It is a day to honor and raise awareness of the challenges faced by thousands of widows worldwide. The United Nations says that there are 258 million widows in the world right now, and that about one in ten of them live in extreme poverty and have other problems.

This day is specifically designated for widows so that society will be aware that a woman’s identity is not solely defined by her husband but also includes her own rights. It is also intended to raise awareness of the struggles that the majority of widows worldwide face after the death of their spouse and the impact that other traditional activities have on them.

When compared to other cultures, women have no rights of their own, no voice, and are not allowed to do as they please as long as their husbands are still alive.

In some cases, their children are also taken away from them under the pretext that they cannot provide for them and have no right to be with them. This is true even if they are capable of providing for themselves and their children.

Who is the widow then?

A widow is a lady who lost her husband or spouse to death and hasn’t found new love. A man who lost his wife to death and did not remarry is referred to as a widower. Even if they lost a loved one, some they truly loved, someone who stood up for them and protected them even when the world was against them, widowed people go through a lot of pain, stigmatization, and things from both family and friends.

This day is intended to ensure that widows’ rights are upheld, their voices are heard, and discrimination is rejected. It also serves to draw attention to the need for the government to investigate the problems widows face and come up with solutions.

Everyone, not just the government, should think about these issues and make sure that widows are cared for. Family and friends should stand by the widow.

Last year’s subject was “Invisible Women, Invisible Problems,” which refers to the idea that a widow is like the living dead because she is invisible to the world without her husband and that her troubles are also invisible to the world. The fundamental idea is to make widows’ issues more widely known.

Some of the rights denied to widows, including the ability to own, manage, and even inherit the property and land they live on, have been infringed. On the basis of other familial relationships and tradition, some people are even refused access to their own children.

In addition to being human, they are also women who have children to support after the death of their spouse. Some of their rights include access to their late spouse’s property; freedom to live a free life; the right to live in their late spouse’s home; empowerment in family finances; access to their late spouse’s savings for their children’s upbringing; and the need to stop persistent traditional practices that are unfair, inhumane, and demeaning toward them.

Not only do some religions and societies force younger children into early marriages that result in widowhood at a young age, leaving them to languish in the background, but this practice must be stopped to reduce the high rate at which young adults become widowed.

For the widowed, equality is necessary. In some parts of the world, widows are often forced to have sexual relationships or do hard work to support their families.

Widows’ rights must be upheld, and powerful policymakers are required to support them in their fight. There are additional NGOs that look out for widows’ rights and offer potential answers to issues faced by widows all around the world.

This day is significant not just for raising awareness but also for supporting and loving widows. Several NGOs, governmental organizations, and the UN host seminars in recognition of this day.

As a relative, you can also look for widows nearby and show them your love by comforting them, providing them with food, money, clothing, or any other support you can provide. This will also help spread awareness throughout the world about the importance of providing for widows.

A Widows Day quote is fine because it helps get the message across as quickly as possible.

We support widows and ask the government to recognize their struggles and assist in defending their rights. This is not just a request from the government; it also asks friends and families to ensure that widows have the same rights as everyone else and to consider providing support for the widows.

Allow the light to illuminate their unhappy existence. Widows’ rights and dignity need to be protected, and they should be given more power so they won’t be left to fend for themselves.

As the world becomes more aware of the need to assist and care for widows, this day helps widows lead independent lives with their children and lowers the amount of abuse they experience. This lowers the proportion of widows who are in poverty.

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