Israel Strikes Refugee Camps in Central Gaza as US Approves New Weapons Deal

Israel Strikes Refugee Camps

Israel Strikes Refugee Camps, On Saturday, warplanes hit two Gaza refugee camps as US President Joe Biden bypassed Congress to approve a new emergency weapons sale to Israel.

Israel Strikes Refugee Camps in Central Gaza as US Approves New Weapons

Israel Strikes Refugee CampsThe weaponry purchase comes amid repeated international calls for a truce in the Gaza Strip due to rising civilian casualties, starvation, and mass displacement.

Since the war began on October 7, when Hamas launched a surprise attack on southern Israel, 85% of Gaza’s 2.3 million citizens have been displaced.

Thousands of people have been forced to take refuge in Israeli-designated safe zones, which have yet to be attacked, leaving Palestinians with the terrifying feeling that nothing is secure.

The death toll in Gaza increased to 21,672 on Saturday, according to health officials, with 56,165 injured. They said that 165 individuals had been killed in the last 24 hours.

The Palestinian Health Ministry does not distinguish between combatants and civilians but has stated that approximately 70% of those murdered were women and children.

Some of the most recent casualties have been reported as a result of Israeli airstrikes on the urban refugee camps of Nuseirat and Bureij overnight and into Saturday.

Mustafa Abu Wawee of Nuseirat said a strike killed two individuals at the home of one of his relatives.

“The (Israeli) occupation is doing everything to force people to leave,” he said over the phone as he and others searched for four persons who had gone missing beneath the rubble. “They want to and will break our spirit, but they will fail.” We intend to stay.”

Late Friday in Nuseirat, a second strike targeted the residence of a journalist for Al-Quds TV, a broadcaster affiliated with the group Islamic Jihad, whose gunmen also took part in the October 7 attack. According to the channel, the journalist Jaber Abu Hadros and six members of his family were murdered.

Rami Abu Mosab, a resident of Bureij, said shooting rang around the camp overnight, followed by heavy airstrikes on Saturday.

With Israeli soldiers pressing deeper into Khan Younis and the camps of central Gaza, tens of thousands of Palestinians have poured into Rafah, Gaza’s southernmost city, in recent days.

Drone footage revealed a massive camp of thousands of tents and improvised shacks erected up on what had previously been undeveloped territory on Rafah’s western fringes, adjacent to UN warehouses.

Rafah residents arrived in vehicles, carts, and on foot. Those who couldn’t find space in the already overcrowded shelters set up tents in muddy roadside ditches from the winter rains.

Concerns about the extent of suffering in the Palestinian enclave spurred South Africa to file a case at the United Nations’ highest court on Friday, accusing Israel of “genocidal acts.”

According to its filing to the International Court of Justice, Israel is carrying out these acts with the goal “to destroy Palestinians in Gaza as part of the broader Palestinian national, racial, and ethnic group,” and it requests an interim order to stop its offensive on the strip.

Israel said it “rejected with disgust” South Africa’s charges, calling them “blood libel,” and that the case has no legal or factual basis and amounts to “vile exploitation and cheapening” of the court.

It also accused South Africa of collaborating with Hamas, which is accused of attempting genocide in its October 7 strike, which killed 1,200 people and precipitated the current Gaza conflict.

While the US has acknowledged it wants Israel to dial back its offensive, citing rising civilian losses, it has nonetheless diplomatically backed its Middle Eastern partner and continued to supply it with weaponry.

Israel contends that halting the war now would result in Hamas victory, a position backed by the Biden administration.

The US State Department announced a $147.5 million sale of equipment, including fuses, charges, and primers, for 155 mm shells Israel already purchased.

The Biden administration has bypassed Congress for the second time this month to authorize an emergency arms sale to Israel. The “urgency of Israel’s defensive needs” was stated as a basis for the approval by the department.

Meanwhile, President Biden’s proposal for over $106 billion in aid for Ukraine, Israel, and other national security requirements has been stalled in Congress due to a disagreement over US immigration policy and border security.

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