Jalingo Explosion: Strange Fire On Our Land

Antibody squad at the scene of explosion
Antibody squad at the scene of explosion

The news of the explosion in Jalingo, the Taraba state capital, at the weekend, didn’t only unsettle me but gave me a whole sleepless night, more or less like insomnia.

For many of us, Jalingo is home, we were born here, grew up, and lived almost all our lives in this emerging city. It is worrisome that what I used to know as a relatively calm and peaceful city is gradually losing that status.

A few days ago, I wrote an article regarding the leaked lesbianism video of some Jalingo ladies. If you have checked my antecedent, I have written several articles on issues affecting the metropolis and the state, particularly those I have the temerity to speak about. Popular amongst them is “Jalingo: Small City, Big Trouble” in 2018 which became slang to many. This explosion won’t be a different case and it is also pertinent that I add my voice to it. Come along.

It is worthy of note that this explosion came not more than two days after the lesbianism video surfaced and not up to seven days after the explosion that claimed six lives at Iware township in Ardo-Kola Local Government Area of the state. Although no one was killed in the Jalingo incident, according to police reports, nine people were injured.

Aside from the kidnapping that has ravaged our state and country which is like a pandemic, occurring everywhere in the country, I want to draw our attention to the fact that less than a month ago, two mosques were attacked, 3 people were killed in the first attack and a monarch was killed in the second attack in different locations in the state.

There is a presence of some dead people who are here to cause chaos and incite fear and crisis that may somehow turn religious or tribalistic. There is a strange fire on the land.

In a press release earlier, the Taraba state government has ordered the security operatives to start “operation stop & search” which is commendable. I, however, urge us to play our roles as citizens because security is everyone’s business.

How do we come in as citizens? First, let us be security conscious; increase surveillance, and stay away temporarily from crowded places like cinemas, beer parlors, parties, shows, etc. Religious gatherings like churches, mosques, etc should intensify security measures and probe any unusual face or person.

Whenever you notice any strange movement, abnormal persons, raise an alarm and most importantly, be cautious of where you go, where you stay, and what you to whom you say. Evil days are here.

You may feel safe because probably, it hasn’t affected your area or LG yet? Well, it’s just a matter of time if it is not contained it will reach everywhere. Recall, we used to hear stories of bombings, and killings in other nations, it gradually came to our country, and right now it is on our doorsteps trying to consume us.

It’s high time we take proactive preventive measures so we won’t die like chickens on our land.

Most importantly, such attacks shouldn’t be a forum for politicians and their supporters to take advantage of as a campaign tool. It will be insensitive to play politics with people’s lives.

Taraba is our land, let’s resist the strange fire together and salvage ourselves from the wreck of our making.

Musa Rhapsodi Affos Is a Pundit, Blogger & Social Media Activist.

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