Jeral ‘JD’ Davis And “Tall Glass Of Jewels” Launches A Child Violence & Canine Abuse Prevention Inititative

the initiative will also tackle other related issues including but not limited to child labour, illegal dog fights and child pornography

Jeral ‘JD’ Davis has launched a Child violence and canine abuse prevention initiative aimed at creating an enabling environment to help rehabilitate, support and provide shelter and a safe space for children and dogs that have suffered abuse and/or violence.

JD said the initiative will also tackle other related issues including but not limited to child labour, illegal dog fights and child pornography. Jeral who owns Royal Giant Schnauzers LLC, a dog training and breeding business, said the initiative was borne out of the need to protect children and canines who are always the silent victims of abusive practices.

“The support from my celebrity friends and colleagues has been great,
and the support from my Instagram followers and online community has
been astoundingly overwhelming. And even though the original focus was
to provide support, rehabilitate, train and where necessary provide
shelter, I want to widen the scope of our involvement. Funding so far
has been from my personal finances, which is why I am currently talking
to a few prospective partners corporate/individuals to support and help
us expand the objectives of this initiative”
Jeral said.

He went
further to explain that child and animal abuse happens all too often in
so many situations and cultures, yet little research has been devoted to
the problem.

“An interesting study compared dogs that have been (or
have most likely been) abused with dogs that have not been abused. Not
surprisingly, behavioral differences were found between the abused
children and abused dogs. Dogs with a history of abuse were rated by
their guardians as more excitable and performed more attachment and
attention-seeking behavior than their counterparts. They also displayed
more fear and aggression towards unfamiliar people and unfamiliar dogs.
They rolled in feces more often, exhibited more fearfulness on stairs,
showed higher levels of hyperactivity, were more persistent barkers and
had a greater frequency of “bizarre, strange, or repetitive behaviors.”
That last category includes actions such as hoarding shoes, digging deep
holes, sucking on pillows and being unable to stop, and circling when
Davis says.

He said studies have also shown that child
violence and other abusive behavior increased during the COVID pandemic
lockdown. Explaining further, Jeral said the lockdown measures put in
place to prevent the spread of COVID-19, forced lots of schools and
businesses to either close down or furlough their workers so a lot of
families were at home which gave rise flaring tempers and heightened
irritations due to this and sometimes children and pets bear the brunt
of it all.

Jeral ‘JD’ Davis also known as “JD”is the founder and
editor-in-chief of TALL GLASS OF JEWELS, an urban contemporary
lifestyle, music, entertainment and celebrity news blog, whose main
objective is giving its followers current news, while dishing out life
hacks and nuggets of advice to help you get ahead in life. Tall Glass Of
Jewels is one of the fastest growing blogs receiving over 1 million
impressions a month and followed by many celebs and athletes.

ex professional basketball player JD is a philanthropist and
entrepreneur. He is also the owner of “Two Trees Tech LLC, a Fitness
& Wellness outfit and social media marketing company, JM Social
Media LLC.

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