Joeboy has released new video, ‘Call’

Joeboy – Call
Joeboy – Call

Artist: Joeboy
Song Title: Call
Date: April 10, 2020
Genre: Afro-pop, Afro&B
Producer: Dera
Album: TBA
Video Director: TG Omori
Label: Banku/emPawa

The song adds a darker, more urgent edge to the sound of JOEBOY

Following a strong performance in 2019, Joeboy’s 2020 is looking even better. Joeboy has consistently shown that he is deserving of our attention and his most recent single, “Call,” is no different. He is the star of Mr. Eazi’s brand, emPawa, which attempts to find the next generation of talent from across the continent.

Following the success of his hit singles “Baby” and “Beginning,” Joeboy gained popularity with his danceable love songs that quickly became ubiquitous on the radio and ideal for the Nigerian wedding party scene. Joeboy was able to immediately carve out a niche for himself in the scene thanks to lyrics that perfectly portray the naivety of teenage love and the pain of young heartbreak.

With his most recent release, “Call,” the lead song off his debut album, which will be released later this year, he is prepared to solidify his position now that he has our attention. Joeboy retains his loverboy demeanor while revealing profound affections for his lover and promising that he’s just a phone call away over a catchy yet soothing beat created by Dra.

Everyone is seeking some solace these days, and his consoling lines will at this moment melt even the coldest hearts. The TG Omori-directed video depicts a dystopian sci-fi love story where Joeboy saves his beloved from an apocalypse in keeping with the subject matter of the song.

Joeboy explained to The NATIVE:
The video is basically about the world ending, and it’s coincidental cause after we shot it in February, it seemed like the real world was ending. My lady gets trapped on the bus by a rebel gang in the middle of the storm, so I had to pull up in a race car to save my girl.

You can see it right here:

Joeboy announces his forthcoming debut album’s lead single, ‘Post.’ The song adds a darker, more urgent edge to the sound of JOEBOY, while the video places JOEBOY as a star to watch, sparkling in a futuristic, sci-fi love story set in an apocalyptic lagoon.
You can listen to the song below;

Click HERE to watch Video

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