Kamwe Youths’ Mchidighi Mountain Hike Unites Cameroon-Nigeria Bonds on Boxing Day

Kamwe Youths' Mchidighi Mountain Hike Unites Cameroon-Nigeria Bonds on Boxing Day

Kamwe Youths’ Mchidighi Mountain Hike Unites Cameroon-Nigeria Bonds on Boxing Day

Michika, December 26, 2023 – Boxing Day unveiled an inspiring tale of unity and camaraderie as the Kamwe Youth Connect Association (KYCA) orchestrated a remarkable hiking expedition on the majestic Mchidighi Mountain. This symbolic trek not only bridged cultural gaps but also fostered a sense of togetherness between the vibrant communities of Cameroon and Nigeria.

Under the guiding leadership of KYCA, the Kamwe youths embarked on this spirited journey, receiving warm embraces from prominent figures like Hon. Adamu Kamale, the PDP National Financial Secretary, and District Head HRH Yerima Vandi Kamale. The unwavering support from council members, local leaders, and Kamale youths added a jubilant air to the occasion.

Hon. Kamale’s hospitality, generously seasoned with pre and post-hiking feasts teeming with barbecue delights, rice, fizzy drinks, and bottled water, set the stage for an unforgettable experience. His address, echoed by esteemed guests, underscored the essence of unity and communal progress. The District’s robust security measures underscored their unwavering commitment to ensuring the youths’ safety throughout the expedition.

Before setting foot on Mchidighi, the Kamwe youths received financial backing and motivational speeches from Hon. Ushiwa Kadai, Prof. Bulus Filli, and Hon. KC Tumba. Dr. Dlama Joseph and other contributors played instrumental roles in realizing the success of this event. Dauda Yame Kwache lent his support by providing transportation, joined by Comrade Vashawa, Dr. Musa Abraham, Mr. Mark Click, and others. Daniel John, known as Bora Gee, efficiently coordinated logistics with the committee, ensuring a seamless event execution.

The hike, serving as a symbol of unity, saw the Kamwe youths traversing every corner of their community, extending their camaraderie to Michika. KYCA’s global vision came alive as they engaged with Cameroonian youths on the mountain, transcending man-made boundaries in a spirit of brotherhood.

Upon descent, Hon. Adamu Kamale’s affection for the youths shone through as he graciously lingered despite a hectic schedule, sharing a meal and engaging in heartfelt interactions. Comrd. Vashawa Emmanuel, Dr. Abraham (Sponsor and First Aid in-charge), and Engr Elisha Danga (Chairman of KYCA Hiking Planning Committee) expressed sincere appreciation for the overwhelming support and warmth received.

Dr. Abraham Musa conveyed gratitude to the community and Kamwe youths on behalf of National President Dr. Richard S. Thlakma. Nr. Reuben Zirahgi Markus extended thanks to the host community, HRH Yerima Vandi Kamale, the Councillor, other community leaders, and all Kamale youths. He specially acknowledged Hon. Adamu Kamale for exceptional hospitality and credited the Governor of Adamawa State for contributions to road networks and the relocation of the College of Health.

During discussions, Hon. Adamu Kamale commended KYCA’s intellectual contributions to community development, encouraging the union to persist in their positive endeavors. Being a pivotal figure in the Adamawa State government, he urged the youths to extend their advocacy to the State Governor. Excitingly, he disclosed plans in the 2024 budget for a tar road from Michika to Garta Monday Market and a bridge linking Kamale, signaling a progressive stride that resonated positively with the youths.

The youths seized the moment to plea with the State Governor for the restoration of electricity in Michika, emphasizing its pivotal role in community development. They remained hopeful that their collective plea would receive due consideration.

In a closing note, the event encapsulated the essence of unity, cooperation, and an unwavering commitment to advancing the Kamwe community. The youths exuded enthusiasm and pledged their ongoing support to contribute to the region’s ongoing development projects.

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