Kevin Falcon ‘Confident’ BC United Won’t Lose Ground to Conservatives in 2024 Election

Kevin Falcon

Kevin Falcon, after a fall session in which BC United fell to third in opinion surveys, Leader Kevin Falcon remains hopeful, maintaining that his party is prepared to make a comeback in next year’s election.

Falcon told CTV News that he doesn’t believe recent polls showing that John Rustad’s BC Conservatives have surged ahead of his party.

Kevin Falcon ‘Confident’ BC United Won’t Lose Ground to Conservatives

Kevin Falcon“The polls are really about confused voters who don’t yet understand that the BC Conservatives are a completely separate party from the federal Conservatives,” Falcon said in a year-end interview, reflecting on the year that was and the route ahead for the official Opposition.

Falcon was minted as the BC Liberals’ leader in February 2022, and he managed the party’s name change to BC United this April, to distinguish the provincial party from the unaffiliated federal Liberals.

He believes there is still time before the next election, scheduled for October 2024, to turn things around.

“This is a marathon, not a sprint,” he went on to say. “So trust me, we will get the message out when the timing makes sense and we will make sure that by the time the next election rolls around, people know exactly who BC United is.”

He believes that fundraising is a better predictor of how British Columbians will vote when it matters than polling.

“We raised more money in one day than the BC Conservatives did in the last 12 months, and I think it’s important to understand that,” Falcon said. “They’ve raised $150,000 in the last two months, we’ve raised $3 million – just below the NDP.”

Last year, two MLAs elected as BC Liberals quit the party: John Rustad, who was removed, and Bruce Banman, who defected.

Falcon says cooperation with the BC Conservatives is out of the question and that he isn’t concerned about losing voters on the right.

“We already have a coalition called BC United,” Falcon replied. “We’re a coalition of people that might (vote) Liberal or Conservative or Green Party federally.”

Concerning the difficulties, Falcon stated that the NDP government’s housing legislation, which dominated the fall session, fell short.

“Most of this legislation absolutely will not get the result that they want,” he told reporters. “If we want more affordable housing you have to make it less expensive, it’s not that much more complicated.”

Concerning health care, Falcon reiterated his call for Health Minister Adrian Dix to be sacked.

“Someone needs to be held accountable in this province where patients are dying trying to get care.” “It’s heartbreaking,” Falcon remarked.

He believes that abolishing fuel taxes and reducing the carbon tax is the greatest way to assist British Columbians facing rising costs. “For starters, we’re getting rid of the carbon tax on all home heating fuels.” If it’s good enough for the East Coast, which uses oil to heat its homes, it’s good enough for the West Coast.”

Falcon considers legislation that restricts where drug use is decriminalized to be a huge political victory, claiming that his party was essential in “forcing the NDP to back down on their reckless decriminalization that allowed people to openly use drugs in parks, playgrounds, and beaches.”

The head of BC United also stated that he does not believe the premier will call an early election.

“David Eby – to his credit – has said more times than I can count that he’s going to stick to the fixed election date, and I believe him in this case,” Falcon went on to say.

And he predicts that when voters go to the polls, his party will win. “I’m just so sure because I travel this province and get immediate feedback.” It’s far more essential and meaningful to me than any poll.”



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