Killing Palestinians Through Useless Debate is the International Community’s Tactic

Killing Palestinians Through Useless Debate

Killing Palestinians Through Useless Debate, As Israel’s genocide against the Palestinian people is shown live on social media, world leaders have only been able to discuss humanitarian “pauses” rather than a ceasefire.

Even the context of such temporary “ceasefires” is grossly misplaced, with the focus solely on the Israeli hostages held by Hamas, even though Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has no qualms about them becoming collateral damage as he seeks the annihilation of not only Hamas but the entire Palestinian population in Gaza.

Killing Palestinians Through Useless Debate is the International Community’s Tactic

Killing Palestinians Through Useless DebateNetanyahu has rejected Hamas’ plan for a 135-day ceasefire in which all hostages would be gradually released in exchange for Palestinian inmates in Israeli jails. While Netanyahu’s refusal was unsurprising, it was facilitated by US rhetoric that concentrates entirely on the release of Israeli detainees and blames Hamas for all civilian deaths in Gaza, even though Israel is bombing the enclave to oblivion.

“We’re looking at it intensely, as is, I know, the government of Israel,” US Secretary of State Antony Blinken told Israeli President Isaac Herzog about the Hamas plan yesterday in Jerusalem.

We are very much focused on doing that work and hopefully, being able to resume the release of hostages that was interrupted so many months ago. Of course, no mention was made of Israel’s eagerness to resume bombing Gaza, which has yet to agree to another paltry humanitarian respite, not even to save its settlers.

Despite Netanyahu’s refusal to consider the safety of the Israeli hostages, any arrangement is still being negotiated to secure their release. Thus, Israel continues to control the narrative, and all the international community can do is pretend to be concerned and talk about humanitarian ceasefires and the release of Israeli hostages.

World leaders have never been concerned about what happens to Palestinians in Gaza, who pretend to solve mass poverty with humanitarian assistance trucks targeted by Israel’s military and have discontinued funding to UNRWA, even though they are now openly involved in genocide.

Are international leaders’ priorities so misguided that they are unable to convey the need for a permanent ceasefire as a means of alleviating the Palestinian people’s suffering? A ceasefire should benefit Palestinians first and foremost.

They are a colonized population on the verge of permanent annihilation or displacement, facing mass starvation as a result of Israel’s genocidal actions, but the focus remains on Israeli hostages, whom the Israeli government keeps in danger of achieving “complete victory” against Hamas.

Netanyahu and his murdering ministers must understand that ideas cannot be destroyed and that anticolonial resistance is both a concept and a justified deed.

If the world wants to put an end to genocide, which it appears to be unwilling to do, advocating for a permanent ceasefire should be done with the Palestinians’ pressing needs in mind.

There is no need to dispute how or whether to end genocide because it is a violation of international law. Nonetheless, the driving story remains the release of Israeli hostages as part of a compromise that Netanyahu refuses to accept.

What is clearly lacking from the rhetoric, but is nevertheless there in plain sight, is that Netanyahu has pushed the boundaries of what constitutes an acceptable violation of international law, which is in itself an aberration, beyond the point of no return with perfect impunity. This needs to end.


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