Explosive Clash: KYD’s Forceful Rebuttal Challenges Gana’s Stance on Takum Kingship Struggle

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The Kuteb Youth in Diaspora (KYD) vehemently opposes Comr. Stephen Victor Gana’s stance on Amb. Rikwense Muri’s call for secession and civil disobedience. Dr. Samuel Ezekiel, representing KYD, argues that Gana lacks a profound comprehension of the intricate issues within the Takum Kingship struggle and the grievances faced by the Chamba people of Takum.

Dr. Samuel Ezekiel maintains that advocating for lawful avenues falls short of addressing the historical injustices and challenges endured by the Kuteb Nation. KYD underscores the significance of Amb. Rikwense Muri’s call as a necessary response to longstanding issues that demand immediate attention.

Contrary to Gana’s perspective, KYD asserts that relying solely on peaceful dialogue and legal processes may not be adequate to rectify the deeply rooted problems. Dr. Samuel Ezekiel underscores the necessity for comprehensive solutions that delve into the historical context and foster genuine inclusivity.

KYD challenges Gana’s viewpoint, advocating for a more nuanced understanding of the complexities surrounding the Takum Kingship struggle. They argue for a holistic approach that considers historical injustices and actively seeks solutions for the betterment of all parties involved.

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