LUST: Why Is Danny Attracted To Ladies In Their Late Thirties (Episode 2)

I prefer girls that are older than myself.

My other sibling is a girl. A very pretty girl to say the least. Unfortunately for everyone, this pretty girl hardly stays home. She just graduated from the university and got enlisted with a runway outfit, for those of you who have looked up these last two words endlessly without having a clue of what it means; simply think of a super slim girl, on a super slim outfit, cat walking down a ‘super slim’ alley. She has always wanted to be a model and how I was sure she fits in. She has a body to die for. As for me, I will be getting out of school as a fresh graduate by the end of the current calendar year. 
I am studying Physics in school. The same course dad studied. Well, I am still some way from being what he has become in this field. In fact, he is currently a visiting professor at Nottingham Trend University and has been made a member of many professional bodies. This was good for the family but I seriously miss his parenting although am ain’t complaining. I had not chosen the course because of him or his success. I love physics and had long developed a big interest in it. Now I will soon be getting out of school with a degree in it. And trust me, I have never sorted. At least not yet. 
Now over to mum. She is just great. She is currently a caretaker dad if you get what mean. She works with a Finance Solutions company. Studied Banking and Finance in the United States back in the days and has maintained almost a single job line for over two decades now. Her coming from a wealthy family meant that she would virtually achieve all she ever aspired for except for having another male kid. That, she could not get. Too bad. But I know I do serve up in the absence of two.
My mom  has been a wonderful mother and hardly complains about my dad’s reoccurring absence. Most times, when it appeared like she was going to feel his absence, she would look for her female friends to spend time with. I pitied her at such times because was not getting enough sexual satisfaction. Yes, it’s true. I knew my parents always had it every day when he was in.
Mum has a sister, Annarose by name. And just like yourself, I have spent most part of my miserable life thinking of what meaning the name possibly had. yet, I haven’t figured out. I have never come to understand what reasons grandpa and grandma had for giving her such a name. Those were meant to be two different names. Annarose is my most favorite aunt from both dad and mum’s sides. She is just sassy! A closest definition of a bag of fun even though she is currently in her early thirties. She has never lost that impertinence we have known her for and each time she visited, I never got tired of her. She only just recently got married to Uncle Dee; another character of a guy and they stay in Abuja. This has meant that I only get to meet her fewer times a year.
However, Uncle Dee currently completed a business trip to France which meant Annarose came close to suffering mum’s kinda predicament. What gladdened my heart though, was that, she made up her mind to stay with us until her husband made it back to Nigeria. Each time I remember this, I get so electrified! 
It is a pity I have been telling you this story without saying what day it is. Today is a Monday here. Do not know what date it is as you read my story but, just try to think today is a Monday. And yea, I also have not said who I am. Well, I said a little about myself in episode one but, let me say more. 
I am Daniel by name though most of my friends call me Danny. I am an  undergraduate of Physics from the University of Nigeria. I am Igbo although my mum is an Ibibio from Akwa Ibom State. I am tall, handsome and good-looking. I am light skinned but not fully fair. I don’t have a girlfriend, don’t ask me why, just flow with the story. I also prefer girls that are older than myself. Most especially when they are in their late
twenties or thirties.
It all began exactly two weeks ago….
Next Episode…

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