Lutheran Church Launches Brand New LCCN Hospital in Yola

Lutheran Church Launches Brand New LCCN Hospital in Yola
Lutheran Church Launches Brand New LCCN Hospital in Yola

St. Monica’s Cathedral, Jimeta, a new hospital built by the Lutheran Church of Christ in Nigeria and named after Bishop Edward R. Ishaya, who died long ago, is now open.

Adamawa state has a new hospital that is located in Yola. It has new technology and will help people in Jimeta, the Jimeta metro area, and beyond.

A health center was built by the Most Reverend Musa Panti Filibus, the head of the LCCN and the president of the Lutheran World Federation. He praised the LCCN Cathedral for its vision and perseverance in making it happen.

After preaching the gospel and teaching people, he said that health care is one of the main things the Lutheran Church stands for.

Bishop Edward Ishaya Memorial Hospital (BEIMH)
Bishop Edward Ishaya Memorial Hospital (BEIMH)

He talked about how, at “Gidan Mission,” many years ago, the missionaries who started the Lutheran Church of Christ in Nigeria came with the gospel and started teaching western education to the people who lived there. This helped them learn how to read and understand the Bible, as well as help the people get better health care.

While blessing the facility for its intended purpose, Archbishop Filibus charged Lutheran Church members to always be on the lookout for the needs of those around them and to help those in need.

Theophilus Shadrach, a member of the LCCN Yola Diocese, thanked the Archbishop for his support of the gospel’s work and said he would help people in his diocese find the best way to grow.

He thinks that by setting up a hospital, the church will be able to help more people in a variety of ways.

For their help with the project from start to finish, he singled out members of the LCCN at St. Monica’s Cathedral. They gave money, materials, and their time to help.

Bishop Shadrach also thanked the cathedral’s friends and family, even though they didn’t live in Yola, where the project was taking place. They helped pay for the project until it was finished.

Some church members who were at the hospital’s inauguration ceremony couldn’t keep their excitement in check. This was a once-in-a-lifetime event.

The occasion was attended by Yola Diocese deans, district, and local pastors.

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