Macron wins the second round of the French presidential election

President Emmanuel Macron won the 2022 presidential runoff
President Emmanuel Macron won the 2022 presidential runoff

French TV station BFMTV broadcast a preliminary exit poll on Sunday night, and it said that President Emmanuel Macron won the 2022 presidential runoff with 58% of the vote.

According to the most recent numbers, Macron’s opponent, far-right-wing candidate Marine Le Pen, received 41.4 percent of the vote.

As Macron walked down the Champs-de-Mars, he held his wife’s hand and was surrounded by young people. Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” played like the European anthem.

France’s President, Macron, stated that his goal for the next five years is to increase France’s independence, strengthen Europe, and continue to invest in the country in order to make “France a great ecological nation.”

In his speech, he promised to be mindful of the voters who voted for Le Pen and thanked those who voted for him in the second round against the far-right party.

Macron claims to be the president of the entire country, not simply a political party. France will need to be strong, but no one will be left behind.

He promised his followers that his second term would not be a repeat of his first five years in office. “Five years of better,” he pledged.

The president-elect expressed his gratitude by saying he was “glad to serve again.”

In her speech, after learning of the early results, Le Pen remarked in her speech that the result was a tremendous win in and of itself.

Millions of Le Pen’s countrymen have chosen the national camp and changed, thanking those who voted for her in the first round and those who joined them in the second round by the millions.

Le Pen thanked her supporters in the country and in other countries for helping her win the election.

Le Pen, who lost her second presidential runoff to Macron, urged French citizens to vote for her in the next legislative elections.

Macron and Le Pen also faced off in a runoff election for the French presidency in 2017, with Macron winning with 66.1 percent of the vote.

The French Interior Ministry is set to release the official results of the presidential runoff on Monday.

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