Medical intelligence and surveillance in Nigerian health care system

Medical intelligence and surveillance in Nigerian health care system
Medical intelligence and surveillance in Nigerian health care system

The need to incorporate suitable Medical intelligence and surveillance technologies into the Nigerian healthcare system has become paramount in the modern day.

Public health serves as a crucial component of national security by tracking, monitoring, and controlling disease outbreaks in addition to delivering necessary and prompt medical care. Infectious disease outbreaks have a long history in Nigeria’s health system. Therefore, it is necessary to address the issue. Reviewing the Nigerian healthcare system’s current situation and offering potential solutions to the nation’s deteriorating healthcare system are the study’s two main objectives. This study also attempts to evaluate the dynamics of health care in the United States, Britain, and Europe concerning strategies for medical intelligence/surveillance to provide current recommendations for the Nigerian healthcare system.

Resources and Procedures

The terms “Nigerian health care,” “Nigerian health care system,” and “Nigerian primary health care system” were used to search databases for pertinent literature. Health care dynamics in the United States (OR Europe), medical intelligence, medical intelligence systems, public health surveillance systems, Nigerian medical intelligence, Nigerian surveillance systems, and Nigerian health information systems were other keywords utilized in the search. Scientific databases Pubmed and African Journals OnLine were searched for relevant literature. Google and Search Nigeria were used for online searches.


To prevent disease outbreaks, bio attacks, etc., medical intelligence and surveillance serve as very useful components of the healthcare system. In modern medical settings, including those in western and European nations, automated-based medical intelligence and monitoring systems are playing an expanding role in addition to the conventional manual pattern of document retrieval.

The health care system in Nigeria is underdeveloped. There are no developed surveillance systems that are suitable and effective. A system well-grounded in regular monitoring and medical intelligence as the backbone of the health sector is important, in addition to competent management coupled with strong leadership principles, to achieve success in health care in this modern day.

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