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Alligator Pepper
Alligator Pepper

Giving anyone who is heavily intoxicated with alcohol an alligator pepper, my uncle used to say when I was a child growing up in the hamlet, can cure them of their intoxication within 30 minutes. Please understand that this does not give you a license to engage in reckless and careless drinking.

From my viewpoint, no one in the medical field has thought of everything. No one has the right to interfere with another’s ability to heal. By employing the exact plants we walk beside every day as medicine, we not only strengthen ourselves but also recognize and connect with the disease, allowing it to pass more quickly and result in greater healing.

Introduction to medicinal herbs changed my life in the best, most joyful ways possible. It also improved and enlarged my spiritual practice by strengthening my connection to the Earth. I will always be grateful. I should start by saying that I do not work in any well-known traditional medical fields.

I am a person who experienced some health issues, perhaps as a result of a careless lifestyle and/or ignorance, but I gained favour with God, who bestowed upon me a good enviable knowledge. My natural curiosity has also been a huge asset to me. When I visit someone and am served a rare dish, I will first ask for the name or description of what I am eating before searching Google for the closest explanation or any potential medical benefits or drawbacks. I will need to replicate this in my home or I won’t go near it again depending on this. I pay close attention to what I consume these days. I enjoy exploring.

I have firsthand experience with the majority of the foods and plants I discuss on this site. I’ll advise you to see your own doctor before trying any of my nuggets because I can’t be held accountable for whatever you do irresponsibly as every body system is different. I have been married for more than 22 years and have four great children, but I can’t recall when any of them last went to the hospital unless they were boarders. I should emphasize that my curiosity has helped me understand each of my children as an individual. One in particular, when he becomes overly quiet without being disruptive, I just know he is ready to get sick. I’ll tell him to go fetch a big piece of fresh ginger and eat it multiple times until the next day. The cold will then be over.

Alligator Pepper’s Natural Curing Power: ‘Cures’ from herbs for pain and erectile dysfunction

Some of the various foods that have been marketed as having anti-inflammatory characteristics among other health advantages are ginger, almonds, alligator pepper, and whole grains.

It is frequently asserted that for every drug that helps a patient, there is a naturally occurring substance that can accomplish the same result. No other ethnic group understands this adage better than traditional Africans.

Our ancestors searched out natural remedies for illnesses and to maintain their health long before the advent of modern medicine, where chemical or synthetic pharmaceuticals created in laboratories are popular and expensive and are thought to be ideal for our bodies.

They are effective, have no negative side effects, no chemicals, are cheap, and give you the satisfaction of being able to heal yourself! However, some of those everyday items are still around now, and scientists are now supporting the impressions that traditionalists had many years ago.

For instance, you are aware of the health advantages of ginger if you have ever consumed ginger ale for an upset stomach. The plant has been used in China for more than 2,000 years to alleviate nausea, and upset stomachs, and to aid in digestion and diarrhoea.

The hard, striated, spicy underground rhizome of the ginger plant is used in stir-fries and Asian cuisine. Depending on the cultivar, it may be yellow, white, or red. Whether the plant was harvested mature or young will determine how thick or thin the brownish skin is.

In combination with anti-vomiting medication, ginger supplements, according to a 2009 study, reduced chemotherapy-related nausea in patients by 40%.

It is also applied therapeutically for lower back discomfort and impaired circulation. If you are putting off taking action and are procrastinating, it may serve as a spark on an emotional level.

According to studies, it can also reduce inflammation, and alleviate headaches and uncomfortable menstruation. It may even halt or eradicate ovarian and colon cancer cells.

Ginger is well known for its ability to reduce nausea and is also beneficial for motion and seasickness. During the first trimester of pregnancy, ginger-infused beverages were given to women who were experiencing morning sickness; when these women were compared to those who received a placebo, ginger significantly reduced their nausea.

Diabetes complications: According to studies, ginger may lower urine protein levels, lower water consumption and urine production, and reverse proteinuria, which is kidney damage brought on by having too much protein in the urine. Ginger may also help diabetics’ nerves by lowering blood fat levels. Ginger can thin the blood, improve circulation, and reduce cholesterol and blood pressure.

Arthritis: According to a placebo-controlled, double-blind, crossover trial that was published in the journal Osteoarthritis Cartilage, patients with painful knee arthritis who received ginger instead of placebo reported much-reduced pain and loss of movement.

Ginger is frequently used by Chinese medicine practitioners to alleviate the flu and cold symptoms. The root has decongestant and antihistamine properties that can aid with cold symptoms.

Another all-natural supplement from grains of paradise, also known as alligator pepper or Aframomum melegueta, has demonstrated potential in treating erectile dysfunction and postponing ejaculation.

A strong aphrodisiac made from Alligator pepper has been granted a US patent.

The most prevalent Aframomum species in Nigeria is Aframomum melegueta. It tastes spicy and astringent. In traditional Igbo civilization, prayers are offered with alligators, kola nuts, and native clay.

It has been the main ingredient in the majority of herbal medicines up until now. Advocates claim it facilitates the better mixing and enhancing of other herbs. In West and North Africa, it is a prominent ingredient in many recipes. It has a long history of usage as a digestive aid in medicine.

It has been established that the combination of bitter kola, kola nut, and Piper guineense (Uziza in Ibo) increases the potency of alligator pepper. This combination was used for male rats in a study. The outcomes demonstrated that this mixture has the capacity to “switch on” male rats.

In fact, the patented invention refers to pharmaceutical formulations that use Aframomum seeds to treat premature ejaculation in men as well as male erectile dysfunction.

One goal of the current invention is to offer a painless therapy for male erectile dysfunction as well as for premature ejaculation in men without the disadvantages of the prior art approaches, according to the summary of the U.S. Patent 5879682. Patients suffering from erectile dysfunction and early ejaculation as well as males looking to improve their sexual performance can use the formulation of the current innovation as a painless and secure treatment.

A medicinal composition in the shape of a moulded or pressed tablet or capsule that contains extracts or milled seeds from Aframomum stipulatum along with a pharmaceutical carrier. A procedure for increasing a human male’s penile rigidity, which includes giving the male the pharmaceutical composition in a dose that will improve penile rigidity.

The dosage of the composition is between 0.3 mg to 10 mg per kg of the male’s body weight. The dosage of the pharmaceutical substance is between one and six mg per kilogram of body weight in men. One, two, or three doses are given each day.

It can be administered to the male in question in a quantity that will enable him to have multiple successive erections and ejaculations with constant penile firmness. The dosage of the pharmaceutical substance is between 0.3 mg and 10 mg per kg of the male’s body weight.

Interested in the sexual vitality of some tribes, African-born scientists in Canada found that the Alligator pepper used to season meals was the root of this sexual vitality.

Strangely, despite this plant’s long history of use in Africa, it wasn’t until recently that it could be utilized in North America.

Another plant with energizing qualities is the Nigerian kola nut. These two plants work synergistically together to act as phytohormones for both men and women.

The human body begins to lose its sexual vigour around the age of 20, which is one of its key uses and functions. This scenario is a result of a number of circumstances, including stress and poor eating habits. Work is done by alligator pepper on the hormone receptors. It turns these radios back on without adding more storage. This was proven in clinical research where the outcomes revealed that taking a substantially higher dose of Alligator pepper did not increase its effectiveness.

The impact of alligator pepper on women is that it increases their libido and increases their sensitivity to touch. controls lubrication. in less than 72 hours, increases sexual desire.

Alligator pepper has a limited effect on male desire but acts on the entire erectile cycle. You might anticipate a higher calibre erection whether or not you’ve had prior issues: longer, stronger, and easier erection. aids in postponing ejaculation. The shorter period of recovery. A healthy prostate is preserved through sexual vigour.

As with other spices, Alligator pepper is a type of spice, therefore if you have spice allergies or intestinal sensitivity, we advise caution. No more adverse effects have been noted as of yet.

Aframomum is a large genus of plants with more than 50 currently recognized species that are found in the wet tropics of Africa. All of the Aframomum species are members of the Zingiberaceae family. However, due to little information, mixed gatherings, and lack of experience with the genus in the field, there has been a great deal of uncertainty. Aframomum is a genus of plants that are currently used in Africa for the treatment of haemorrhoids, perfumes, and dyes. Some of these plants are also widely cultivated for their spicy, edible fruit.

In some species, it is well known to administer leaves for measles and to apply leprosy externally, while nursing mothers take a root stew to prevent excessive breastfeeding and postpartum haemorrhage.

Other species’ rhizomes are used as a component in remedies for infertility and to encourage conception, while fresh fruit is occasionally used as a tonic for enhancing sexual excitement. A number of the genus’s plants are also employed as purgatives, galactagogues, anthelmintics, and hemostatic agents. As an external cancer treatment, various species of seeds are combined with Urera oblongifolia leaves.

Aframomum melegueta seeds are typically ground up with salt and applied to the inside of the mouth in Senegal to treat sleeping sickness.

Aframomum danielli seed components have also been linked to antimicrobial action, although no species in the genus has ever been linked to the restoration of erectile function or the improvement of penile rigidity in males.

In order to treat male erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, the innovation offers a novel application of Aframomum plants.

The current invention relates to an oral or topically applied formulation that contains Aframomum for the treatment of male erectile dysfunction. The potential of Aframomum seeds to postpone male ejaculation and guarantee a full erection is the focus of the current invention.

One of the key advantages of the present invention over prior art therapy is the pharmaceutical composition of the invention is intended for oral or topical administration.

Additionally, the composition of the present invention may optionally be employed with alcoholic beverages to synergistically maintain libido for males seeking post-ejaculation penile performance, although consecutive ejaculation/re-erection can be done numerous times with constant penile rigidity.

According to the patent, a variety of Aframomum seeds, including those from unnamed Aframomum species that are distant relatives of the aforementioned Aframomum species, may be used as an active ingredient in composition to improve penile rigidity and/or treat male erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

In order to increase penile rigidity and/or treat male erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, a variety of Aframomum seeds, including those from unidentified Aframomum species and unidentified allied species, may be employed.

The composition of the present invention and the use of Aframomum seeds are advantageous in that they are intended for oral or topical administration in both healthy and non-healthy men; they will not affect any sexual behaviour or need, even for men without a sexual partner; they will not cause priapism or any other sexual side effect while being used, and they will restore mutilation in cases of the impotence of any degree or kind.

The pharmaceutical composition of the present invention is characterized in that it is highly potent in terms of penile rigidity and may act synergistically with alcoholic beverages to maintain sufficient libido and to ensure successive ejaculation/re-erection processes; it is not an aphrodisiac, contrary to what was mentioned when describing the fresh fruit of Aframomum melegueta, but it allows constant penile rigidity while delaying ejaculation

In order to improve the restoration of male penile function, the composition of the present invention can also be combined with hormones such as testosterone and/or other substances.

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