New Revelations Emerge About IRGC Recruiting British Muslims

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New Revelations Emerge, New information about Iran’s covert actions in the West emerged on Friday, with the Daily Mail reporting that Tehran is recruiting British Shias to spy on Jews and dissidents in the UK.

New Revelations Emerge About IRGC Recruiting British Muslims

According to Israeli and British officials, IRGC agents approach British Muslims visiting holy Shia locations in Iran and Iraq in an attempt to recruit them for espionage purposes.

“They are told to return to the UK and gather information on prominent British Jews or targets such as synagogues,” along with regime opponents, according to the report.

Kasra Aarabi of the United Against Nuclear Iran advocacy group stated that the IRGC has focused on employing British Muslims, primarily from Lebanon, Iraq, and Pakistan, because UK-based Iranians are typically secular and anti-regime, and hence will not participate in Tehran’s nefarious plots.

Aarabi described the annual Arbaeen religious mass gathering in the holy Iraqi city of Karbala as an event in which IRGC recruiters are highly active, as it attracts up to 20 million Shia pilgrims from all over the world. There are around 400,000 Shia Muslims in the United Kingdom.

Following Hamas’ October 7 strike, Israel has repeatedly warned the UK about prospective attacks by the Iranian regime and its proxies on British soil, according to an Israeli official. Back in October, it was also alleged that Iran’s spies were inciting unrest in the UK through Gaza protests.

According to the Daily Mail, some Iranians who appear to have arrived in the UK on student visas are regime spies.

“We don’t know how many Iranian agents there are in Europe and the UK, but it only takes one to slip through the net,” an unnamed source told the Daily Mail.

Meanwhile, a British government officer revealed that the IRGC used UK-based organized crime networks to assassinate or abduct people on British territory. According to the Daily Mail, the IRGC has implemented such a policy since it is difficult for Iranian spies to work openly in the UK.

In an interview with Iran International TV, political analyst Damon Mohammadi urged European countries to take a tougher stance on Tehran’s conspiracies against Iranian dissidents abroad, warning that Europe’s inaction could lead to the regime’s plots to intimidate its opponents succeeding.

According to the expert, the Islamic Republic has been targeting its opponents in European countries since it took power in 1979, but it has recently boosted its malicious operations as the activities of foreign-based dissidents have grown dramatically.

The UK’s ITV revealed in December 2023 that the IRGC was planning to kill two Iran International television anchors in London in 2022 during Iranian anti-government rallies.

Following the ITV report, British Foreign Secretary David Cameron summoned Iran’s charge d’affaires. Iran must be sent “an incredibly clear message that this escalation will not be tolerated,” according to Cameron.

Last year, due to terrorist threats, Iran International temporarily shifted its television transmission from London to Washington, DC. The decision to ban Iran International’s broadcasts from the British capital was announced following the arrest of an Austrian national called Mohammad-Hussein Dovtaev on February 13, 2023.

He was caught while shooting outside the network’s offices. The Central Criminal Court of England sentenced Dovtaev to 3.5 years in prison for seeking to get information “likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism.”

In October 2023, Ken McCallum, Director-General of MI5, the UK’s intelligence service, claimed that during the battle between Iran-backed Hamas and Israel, the Islamic Republic may be seeking new ways to endanger Britain’s security.

“Iran has been a rising source of concern and a rising source of task for MI5 over the last 18 months or so in particular,” McCallum went on to say.



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