Nor’easter Endangers Voter Turnout in NY Special Election to Replace George Santos

Endangers Voter Turnout

Nor’easter Endangers Voter Turnout, On Tuesday, voters in Nassau County and some portions of Queens will decide the destinies of Congressional candidates Republican Mazi Pilip and Democrat Tom Suozzi, setting the political tone for November’s general election.

Nor’easter Endangers Voter Turnout in NY Special Election to Replace George Santos

Endangers Voter TurnoutHowever, a winter storm bringing snow and rain is likely to significantly reduce voter participation.

The National Weather Service anticipates up to 10 inches of snow, which could clog streets in New York and Long Island.

Ms. Pilip, on the other hand, refuses to give up. Last night, at the North Valley Stream GOP Club in Franklin Square, New York, she exhorted her supporters to finish strong.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s going to rain or snow, we can safely go out,” she told me. “We’re going to encourage people safely to go to vote because we’re talking about saving our country.”

Electing Ms. Pilip or Mr. Suozzi to represent Congressional District 3 (CD-3) will further establish the balance of power in Congress for the next nine months and assist both political parties in developing campaign strategies for the November presidential elections.

Currently, there are 212 Democratic members of Congress, 219 Republicans, and four vacant seats.

“Let’s look to the results of this race,” Mr. Suozzi remarked at a press conference in his Plainview campaign headquarters on February 11.

“Does my message of working together and finding common ground carry the day or does her message ‘my way or the highway extremism’ same as Mike Johnson and Donald Trump’s?”

Early Votes According to the Nassau County Board of Elections, more than 57,000 individuals voted early. Of the total, 42 percent were Democrats, 34 percent were Republicans, and 20% were unaffiliated with any major party.

The special election was called after it was discovered that disgraced former Congressman George Santos (R-N.Y.) fabricated his resume, lied about his religious affiliation, allegedly violated federal law, and engaged in identity theft and false campaign reports.

Mr. Santos was removed from office by Congress on December 1, 2023, and on December 5, 2023, New York Governor Kathy Hochul ordered a special election for February 13.

The election is not just remarkable, but also uncommon because it is taking place in the heart of winter, according to Phil Orenstein, president of the Queens Village Republican Club, who has never pushed an election in the snow in the 20 years he has been campaigning.

“Special elections happen whenever they happen, but not often during the winter months,” Mr. Orenstein told The Epoch Times. “The primaries are in June, the general election is in November, and the weather is very nice.

Even when it rained, there was a good turnout.

CD-3’s catchment areas in Queens Village include Little Neck, New Hyde Park, and Douglaston.

A Newsday/Siena College poll found that between Feb. 3 and Feb. 6, 49 percent believe Ms. Pilip will do a better job ‘addressing the migrant influx’ than Mr.

Suozzi’s 40 percent, but when asked who would do better at ‘protecting our democracy,’ 49 percent named Mr. Suozzi and 40 percent named Ms. Pilip.

“The country is just falling apart under Biden, so people are very motivated to vote for Mazi,” Mr. Orenstein went on to say.

“Some of the voters I’ve spoken to plan to put their snow shoes on and get out there.”

Currently, the weather prediction predicts rain and snow, which would likely stymie both contenders’ momentum.

Last night, the National Weather Service updated the forecast to a winter storm warning.

Despite the weather, Democrats want to take to the streets to vote for Mr. Suozzi, according to Nassau County Democrat Chairman Jay Jacobs.

“Our vote tends to come in heavier in the afternoon, and it looks like the weather will clear by then, so that’s good for us,” Mr. Jacobs told The Epoch Times.

The Republican vote surges in the morning, which is bad news for them. Another issue for them is that many of their employees should be sitting in plow and sanding trucks rather than knocking on homes.

All five boroughs of New York City, including Queens, have shuttered their public schools due to the winter storm warning.

Some public schools in Nassau County have also closed.

“As we do for every weather event, our great men and women from our Department of Public Works will be out early this morning,” Republican Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman told The Epoch Times.

“They will do what they have to do. The roads will be clear, and you will be able to exercise your voting rights in Nassau County.

According to Republican Supervisor Joseph Saladino, Oyster Bay has poured out salt and sand.

“It’s about making sure the streets are safe and that we plow every road so that no matter what community you’re from and no matter who you’re voting for, you can get to the polls safely,” Mr. Saladino said in an interview with The Epoch Times.

Although adverse weather does not benefit either party in an election, former Congressman Peter King (R-N.Y.) believes Republican candidates in a close race outperform Democrats in severe weather.

“We have 2,000 committeemen,” Mr. King informed The Epoch Times.

“We have a solid organization, which must result in at least a few votes in each electoral district, but you’d rather not have the snow. “It is a gamble.”


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