Northampton Cardiac Team Embarks on Life-Saving Mission in Nigeria 2023

Dr Jonathan Timperley, Alisha King, Tara Kay and Julius Donkor (Northampton Cardiac Team Embarks on Life-Saving Mission in Nigeria)
Dr Jonathan Timperley, Alisha King, Tara Kay and Julius Donkor (Northampton Cardiac Team Embarks on Life-Saving Mission in Nigeria)

Northampton Cardiac Team Embarks on Life-Saving Mission in Nigeria

In a remarkable demonstration of compassion and expertise, the Northampton cardiac team of four dedicated heart specialists from Northampton General Hospital is embarking on a life-saving journey to Nigeria. Partnering with the pacemaker charity Pace4Life, these medical professionals are venturing 3,600 miles to provide essential care for patients suffering from heart failure. To extend their skills and knowledge to the local cardiac teams in Abuja and Lagos, Nigeria, the team aims to make a lasting impact on the healthcare system in underserved areas. This selfless act of volunteerism showcases the power of medical expertise and collaboration in transforming lives.

The Journey Begins

On May 27th, the Northampton Heart Centre’s dedicated team commenced their life-changing mission to Nigeria. Comprised of Julius Donkor, Chief Cardiac Physiologist, Dr. Jonathan Timperley, Consultant Cardiologist, Tara Kay, Junior Sister, and Alisha King, Superintendent Radiographer, these medical professionals are utilizing their annual leave to support surgeons in Africa. Their partnership with Pace4Life, a UK charity renowned for distributing recycled pacemakers to countries lacking affordable healthcare, enables them to provide vital treatments to patients who would otherwise have limited access to such care.

A Journey Rooted in Compassion

Julius Donkor, born in Ghana, has dedicated numerous years to supporting hospitals in his home country. This commitment originated after a visit to his family in Ghana, during which he witnessed the disparity between healthcare systems in the UK and West Africa. Julius resolved to make a difference, starting by collecting old medical supplies and gradually expanding his efforts to include hospital visits and educational support. The Church of Christ, to which Julius belongs, generously assisted with transportation costs for donated medical items.

Since relocating to Northampton, Julius and the Northampton General team have extended their support further by donating expired pacemakers and implantable cardioverter-defibrillators (ICDs) to hospitals in Africa. It was through these efforts that Pace4Life became aware of Julius’s connections in Ghana and Nigeria. Recognizing the potential impact of collaboration, they joined forces with Julius and his team to enhance the provision of life-saving devices and treatments across West Africa. These advanced devices not only alleviate heart failure symptoms but also offer defibrillation therapy during cardiac arrest events.

Transferring Expertise

Following a successful mission to Nigeria, Julius extended an invitation to Dr Emmanual Edafe, an Interventional Cardiologist in Nigeria, to visit Northampton General Hospital. During his visit, Dr Edafe had the opportunity to learn from the NGH team, particularly Dr Timperley, who specializes in complex device implants. The fruitful exchange of knowledge and experience during Dr Edafe’s visit inspired the concept of reciprocating the visit and further strengthening the bond between the two teams.

Tara, one of the team members, shares her motivation for participating in this transformative journey. Having aspired to engage in such humanitarian work, she found that the timing was ideal now that her children have grown up. She acknowledges the uncertainty surrounding the trip but hopes that it will foster knowledge-sharing, enabling both teams to gain insights into preoperative patient preparation methods and surgical procedures.

Alisha, the team’s videographer, initially expressed her interest in supporting Julius’s work as a radiographer. While a radiography role was not needed at the time, the team required a videographer, which aligned with Alisha’s skill set. In addition to documenting the entire trip, she hopes to contribute to the radiography aspects of the mission, sharing her expertise and skills with the local teams.

Pioneering Humanitarian Work

This life-saving mission to Nigeria is entirely funded by Pace4Life, which has recently merged with the UK charity Arrhythmia Alliance. The collaboration between these organizations allows for the amplification of resources and expertise, furthering their impact in underserved regions. If you wish to support this humanitarian work and the ongoing efforts of Pace4Life and Arrhythmia Alliance, please visit

The selfless dedication of the Northampton cardiac team, combined with the support of Pace4Life and Arrhythmia Alliance, is set to make a profound difference in Nigeria’s healthcare landscape. By providing vital treatments, sharing knowledge, and fostering collaboration with local cardiac teams, this mission serves as a testament to the power of medical expertise and humanitarian work. Through their generosity and commitment, these professionals are saving lives and positively impacting communities where access to affordable healthcare is limited. The journey is a testament to the transformative potential that arises when skilled individuals come together to address global health challenges. As the team’s voyage unfolds, their invaluable contributions will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on the hearts of the patients, families, and healthcare professionals they encounter.


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