Nyesom Wike’s 2018 Miraculous Recovery from Poisoning Shocks Doctors and Nation

Nyesom Wike's 2019 Miraculous Recovery from Poisoning Shocks Doctors and Nation
Nyesom Wike

Surviving Against All Odds: Nyesom Wike’s Inspiring Tale of Poisoning, Fire, and Air Emergency

Nyesom Wike, the former governor of Rivers State, shared a remarkable story of survival on Sunday. Wike revealed that back in 2018, during his time as governor, he fell victim to poisoning but managed to overcome this grave ordeal.

During a Thanksgiving service at a church, Wike expressed his gratitude for surviving the poisoning incident that occurred at the state government’s secretariat. According to him, doctors informed him that his intestines had turned black due to the poisoning.

In an astonishing turn of events, Wike defied the odds and made a miraculous recovery, much to the surprise of the medical professionals who treated him.

Wike acknowledged the challenges he faced during his tenure as governor and emphasized the importance of gratitude. He stated, “There is a lot to thank God for; from 2015 to 2023 God was in charge; everybody who knew how we came to power knew it was turbulent, but God saw us through. I will give three instances why we need to thank God.”

The former governor went on to recount a series of unfortunate incidents that occurred while he was in office. He described the demands and pressures faced by a governor, highlighting how people seldom inquire about their well-being. Wike revealed that in December 2018, he was bedridden, unable to attend a Thanksgiving ceremony organized by his former Chief of Staff. He further shared that during the State Banquet on January 1st, 2019, he remained silent, instructing his deputy to speak on his behalf, leaving many unaware of his condition.

After the banquet, Wike’s health deteriorated rapidly. At midnight, he was urgently flown out of the country to seek medical attention. Doctors in Beirut conducted numerous tests, only to deliver the devastating news that his kidneys and liver were failing.

The medical professionals informed Wike that he had been poisoned, with the secretariat suspected as the source. Despite the dire prognosis, Wike’s condition began to improve unexpectedly. He expressed his gratitude to God for his recovery, stating, “To God be the glory, I survived it.”

Wike discovered that he had been unknowingly poisoned at his campaign secretariat, leading to the darkening of his intestines. Although the doctors made every effort to treat him, Wike remained cautious, suspecting everyone around him.

The former governor also revealed another personal hardship he faced during his presidential primaries. His wife informed him of her cancer diagnosis while he was actively involved in the race. This news posed a significant dilemma for Wike, who contemplated withdrawing from the competition. However, his wife encouraged him to continue, and they persevered together.

As if these challenges were not enough, Wike shared an incident involving a fire that ravaged his wife’s room on the night of the primaries. Despite the destruction, he chose to keep it to himself. Wike expressed his frustration with people who were unaware of his struggles and simply demanded things from him without understanding his circumstances.

Wike then recounted a frightening incident during which he and his wife were on an aircraft that experienced engine failure shortly after takeoff. The pilot made an emergency landing with the help of fire service trucks and ambulances on standby. The former governor recognized that part of leadership is projecting strength to avoid alarming his supporters.

Overcoming poisoning, personal health challenges, and a near-fatal plane incident, Wike expressed his gratitude for his recovery and the support he received from his loved ones and faith in God. His story serves as a testament to the resilience and the importance of acknowledging the struggles faced by leaders behind the scenes.


His words:

“There is a lot to thank God for; from 2015 to 2023 God was in charge; everybody who knew how we came to power knew it was turbulent, but God saw us through. I will give three instances why we need to thank God. While in your office, so many people think as governor everything is going on well with you.”

“As governor, nobody wants to ask if you are well, all is, you wake up in the morning, see text messages, accounts you are to send money to… December 2018, that day was the day my former Chief of Staff was to have Thanksgiving ceremony, and I was to attend that event on a Sunday. On that Sunday, I never came down from my room, it was bad. For those who attended the January 1st State Banquet of 2019, will know that I never spoke that day, I just sat down there and told my deputy to speak on my behalf, people didn’t know what was going on.

“After that banquet, 12:00 am midnight, I was taken out of the country because I thought it was over, when we got to Beirut the doctors told me they had to do so many tests…they came back the next morning and said it was bad; my kidney, liver were gone.

“Doctors told me I’d been poisoned and that my liver and kidney were no longer functioning. I believe I was poisoned at the secretariat. To God be the glory, I survived it.”

“I never knew that I had been poisoned in our campaign secretariat; my intestines were all black. The doctors did everything they could do, and the next day the doctors came and said everything was turning around; to the glory of God after about one week, they said I could then go. I came back to Nigeria and told those who are close to me that we wouldn’t stop at anybody’s house because I could not identify how I was poisoned; everyone was a suspect to me.

“When I was going through my presidential primaries, my wife called me from London that she has been diagnosed with cancer, I called my G5 members who were supporting me, I said there is a problem and I don’t think I can continue with this race; I called my wife back and she said no, continue so we started (the race).

“On the night of the primaries, I went with my wife to Abuja, and from nowhere, we were called that fire gutted my wife’s room. We called the fire service everything was burnt; up to today, we haven’t repaired that room… and nobody knew, I just kept quiet. That is why I said some people don’t ask what I’m passing through–you just want me to give you! give you! you don’t even know if I’m dying.

“But I thank God today that my wife is hale and hearty. When people text me, my wife is sick, my mother is at the hospital, I always say should I text back, my wife is also in hospital? If anything should have happened you can imagine the effect on my children.

“The last one, as we finished the primary, my wife went to Lagos to bring my daughter, they landed at the air force base, and I said when they land I will just enter and go to Lagos (somebody was waiting for me that I must see). After 15 minutes of take-off, we heard a sound, I saw the air hostess running.

“I rushed to the cockpit, but the door was locked; nobody to communicate with; she ran back and told us one engine is gone; the pilot said it’s safer for us to turn back (we were three)…by the grace of God before we landed, we saw several ambulances, fire service trucks line up; I didn’t know the pilot had communicated with them that there was a serious problem, to the glory of God we landed safely; people just see me as a strong man; part of leadership is not to frighten one’s supporters,” he said.


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