Plane Crash: At Least 2 People Killed In A California Neighborhood

Fire destroyed two homes and a number of vehicles, according to officials.

At least two people were killed and two others were injured when a small plane crashed into a suburban Southern California neighborhood on Monday, setting two homes on fire, according to fire officials.

The victims were on the ground or onboard the twin-engine Cessna that went down around midday in Santee, about 20 miles northeast of downtown San Diego, according to Fire Chief John Garlow.

Two people died at the scene, according to Deputy Fire Chief Justin Matsushita, and two others are hospitalized in unknown conditions.

‘Not to be too graphic,’ Matsushita said, ‘but it’s a pretty brutal scene.’
Fire destroyed two homes and a number of vehicles, according to officials.

According to Garlow, one home was ‘well-involved’ in flames, and a second home caught fire as well. According to him, a box truck, possibly a package delivery vehicle, also caught fire.

Two houses and a vehicle in the street were still smoldering and gutted
by flames an hour after the crash, according to TV news footage.

to Jim Slaff of NBC 7 in San Diego, neighbors pulled his mother from a
burning home’s window and rescued his stepfather from the backyard.
Their dog appears to have died.
According to Slaff, the couple was taken to UC San Diego Medical Center and was ‘obviously shaken up but doing OK.’ ‘It’s a war zone.’ After arriving at the scene, Slaff stated, ‘It’s not even a house

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, the plane was a
twin-engine Cessna C340. The origin and destination of the flight, as
well as the number of passengers on board, were unknown at the time.

accident occurred about three blocks from Santana High School in a
50,000-person city. The school said on Twitter that “all students are

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