Police Found The Abducted Ameerah and 17 Others

Ameerah sufyan
Ameerah sufyan

The Nigerian Police Force have found the abducted Ameerah  and 17 others that were abducted on Tuesday 14th june 2022.

Ameerah was the brave young woman who  tweeted about her own abduction and the other 17 persons with her,on her twitter page.

The scenario had Nigerians anxious about the country’s security situation.

She further wrote on her twitter account that she was abducted alone side 17 others, by 6 persons who disguised  themselves as police officers.

“The FCT police found the abducted Ameerah; with  17 others by armed persons in police garb”, said the Nigerian Police Force’s FCT Command in a statement.

According to the statement, Safiyanu Amira, also known as Ameerah, who was abducted alone side 17 others and she is  currently undergoing medical treatment in accordance with international best standards, Deputy Police Public Relations Officer ASP Oduniyi Omotayo signed the statement.

The inquiry will proceed in accordance with worldwide best practices, and the results will be communicated later.

“While commending the heroism of the Tactical and Investigative apparatus deployed on the case of the abducted Ameerah and 17 others, the Commissioner of Police FCT Command, CP Babaji Sunday psc, praised the members of the public for their cool demeanor and the varied degrees of important information provided to the Police.

He urge citizens  to be security conscious and be vigilant too, the security agencies will always be their to protect them and they should also report all suspected movements to the police for the safety of all of us lies on our little efforts.

Remember the police are here to defend and protect you so don’t loose your trust in us for we also need your support.

He conclude by  also urging citizens to reach out to the police in case of emergencies  through the following emergency lines:

“08032003913, 08061581938, 07057337653, and 08028940883, While the Public Complaint Bureau (PCB) desk, could be reached on: 0902 222 2352.”

For now  Ameerah and the other 17 persons are sound and safe in police custody.

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