Police Investigate Whether Negligence Caused Japan Airlines Crash in Tokyo

Police Investigate Whether Negligence

Police Investigate Whether Negligence, the catastrophic collision between a Japan Airlines jet and a smaller Japan Coast Guard aircraft in Tokyo on Tuesday that claimed five lives is being looked into by Japanese police as possibly the result of negligence.

Police Investigate Whether Negligence Caused Japan Airlines Crash

Police Investigate Whether NegligenceWhen the Japan Airlines aircraft touched down at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport on Tuesday night, a major fire broke out, luckily saving all 379 passengers on board.

Officials reported the passenger plane crashed with the Japan Coast Guard’s De Havilland Dash-8 plane as it prepared to take off.

The crash killed five of the six Coast Guard crew members on the plane, which was transporting relief to earthquake victims in north-central Japan, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida announced during a news conference.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department and the Japan Safety Transport Board (JTSB) have initiated an inquiry into the disaster, with involvement from French and British authorities involved in the production of the Airbus plane.

According to Tokyo police sources, who spoke to Kyodo and other Japanese news outlets, the deaths may have been caused by professional incompetence.

A special investigative team has been established at the airport, according to a police spokesperson, and they are investigating the runway as well as interrogating persons who were involved. The representative, however, declined to comment on whether they are investigating potential professional malpractice.

According to Kyodo news agency, the JTSB recovered flight and voice recorders from the Coast Guard aircraft.

The passenger plane that took off from Sapporo for a 90-minute journey to Tokyo received landing approval from Haneda airport air traffic control before its approach, according to Japan Airlines.

According to audio provided on LiveATC.net, which tracks airport communications, minutes before 6 p.m. local time, an anonymous speaker can be heard saying, “We have a fire on runway 34R.”

According to broadcaster videos, the airliner seemed to be a blazing ball of fire as it skidded down the runway, and an orange glow lit up the runway.

The plane burned for more than six hours, but all 367 passengers and 12 staff members were evacuated within 20 minutes of the crash, according to the airline.

Aviation analysts have repeated the likelihood that the runway accident was caused by human mistake, adding that such incidents have become far less common with contemporary ground tracking technology and protocols.

“The root cause of this accident is not yet known,” stated Tetsuo Saito, Japan’s transport minister.

Yoshio Seguchi, deputy head of the Japan Coast Guard, apologized to the relatives of the crash victims but provided few facts about the tragedy.

Mr. Kishida also expressed grief over the killings, saying, “They were filled with a determined sense of mission, and it is extremely regrettable and distressing what has happened to them.”

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