Seattle University Merit Scholarships 2022 Application Guide

Seattle university merit scholarships
Seattle university merit scholarships

Applications for the Seattle University Merit Scholarships are now being accepted from eligible and qualified students. It is a fully financed scholarship offered to all Seattle University students.

Because Seattle University is dedicated to lowering the cost of attending college for you and your family, the university has put aside significant resources in order to provide scholarship opportunities that are commensurate with the academic achievements of its students. You’ve already put in a lot of effort and time to ensure your own success; now we want to put some effort and time into you.

Brief Info About Seattle University Merit Scholarships

Freshmen and transfer students who apply for admission to Seattle University are immediately qualified for merit-based financial aid. These scholarships are renewable for up to four years and are awarded based solely on the information provided in the admissions application.

Scholarships awarded at the time of admission are final. We guarantee that the institutional gift amount you receive will not vary for the entire four years you are eligible at SU.

Scholarship Degree Level

  • American Merit Scholarships for Seattle University Seattle University will be offering Masters and Undergraduate level programs in 2023.

Scholarship Benefits

  • Complete tuition fees.

Eligible countries

  • Students of all nationalities are eligible to apply.

Eligibility Requirements for Seattle University Merit Scholarships

The university’s usual entrance requirements for the autumn, winter, or spring quarter must be met by scholarship recipients. Additional need-based aid may be available to students, as assessed by the FAFSA.

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Application Closing Date

The application is still going on.

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