Second Rotating Teacher Strike to Involve Northern Sask. & Saskatoon Area

Second Rotating Teacher Strike

Second Rotating Teacher Strike, the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation (STF) has declared a second round of rotating strikes. Teachers in and around Saskatoon and Northern Saskatchewan will picket on Wednesday, with Creighton School Division, Northern Lights School Division, Prairie Spirit School Division, Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools, and Saskatoon Public Schools being the next districts to join.

Second Rotating Teacher Strike to Involve Northern Sask. & Saskatoon Area

Second Rotating Teacher StrikeCouncil des écoles fransaskoises schools and Saskatchewan Distance Learning Centre teachers who work at a school or regional campus within the limits of the aforementioned school divisions will also be included.

“The administration believes it can wait us out, but they have failed to account for the most critical aspects. Teachers are fed up and united. Samantha Becotte, president of the STF, stated, “There is strong and growing support for the action we are taking because students, parents, businesses, and communities know we all deserve better.”

“Solving the crisis in our publicly funded schools helps everyone, not just today’s pupils. Saskatchewan has a healthy economy, and today’s kids will be tomorrow’s workforce. Employers desire to be able to hire skilled and educated people from within the province.”

The walkout will impact approximately 4,300 instructors and will disrupt courses for approximately 65,000 pupils. It follows the first rotating strike, which saw teachers from Horizon School Division, Prairie South, Prince Albert Catholic Schools, Saskatchewan Rivers Public School Division, Light of Christ Catholic School

Division, Living Sky School Division, and Sakewew High School in North Battleford walked off the job last week. Meanwhile, despite the strikes, Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Education remains firm in its stance on teacher wages and class complexities.

“People are witnessing the crisis unfolding in public schools, and they are not being fooled by the government’s spin,” goes on to say. “We need the government to catch up with the residents of this province. It is past time for the government to return to the negotiating table and begin working on meaningful answers.”

Anyone worried about the effects of job sanctions or the future of Saskatchewan’s publicly financed schools is asked to register for Tell Them Tuesday. Join tens of thousands of people throughout the province in urging the Saskatchewan government and your local MLA to re-engage the government’s bargaining committee with teachers.

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