Sen Ishaku Abbo Reacts to Impeachment of Adamawa APC Chair

Senator ishaku abbo
Senator ishaku abbo

Senator Ishaku Abbo, who represents the Adamawa north senatorial zone in the 9th Assembly, responded to the impeachment of Ibrahim Bilal, the chairman of the Adamawa State chapter of the All Progressive Party (APC), by calling it “a slap on all of us.”

The senator said in a statement made available to this outlet on Monday that he would take all reasonable steps to prevent the “illegal” impeachment of Bilal from taking effect.

[quotation] “I am a politician. I understand the game. It’s not time to dissipate energy on side attractions. It’s time to hit the bull’s eye. It’s time to win my election, not time to run a circus.

“As the Senator representing Adamawa North, which includes Michika, Alhaji Bilal is from Michika and therefore he is my constituent.” I am his political leader.

“Removing Bilal illegally is a slap on all of us from the Northern zone, especially the people of Michika.

“As politicians, we have to find political solutions to political problems without heating the polity.”

“Those who claim you have authority from the villa should know that not all is eaten from the villa.

“And those who claim to be doing it for Nuhu should not pitch Nuhu against the people. I have known Nuhu to be a decent man, having worked with him for three years.”

“We won’t allow you to disgrace Bilal the way you disgraced Bindow. Disregard the joke. Bilal is still the Chairman.”

“To my supporters, I call on you again to SUPPORT BILAL.

“You will hear from us as we will respond immediately and proportionately,[/quotation]

Recall that Senator Ishaku Abbo warned his followers not to retaliate harshly when the state’s APC decided to suspend him.

After Senator Kashim Shettima, a fellow Muslim, was chosen as Asiwaju Bola Tinubu’s vice presidential running mate, Senator Abbo resigned from the APC in a fit of rage.

Senator Ishaku Abbo wrote in a Facebook post;

[quotation] “My dear supporters, it is expedient that I address you today with less than two months to the official date of start of campaigns as stipulated by INEC.”

“The last few weeks have been tense as a result of my party, the APC’s decision to field same-faith Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates in a very ‘Plural Faith’ state like Nigeria. I also understand that tempers have been glaring as a result of the resistance and support to suck, a move which amplified our fault lines and divided us the more.

“Back home, I want to caution my supporters to respect the choice of our state Chairman, Alhaji Bilal Ibrahim, and seek deeper engagement and understanding rather than confrontations. We both stand to gain more as humans through diplomacy and engagement than through war.”

“He said the chairman has the difficult task of leading the APC campaign in the state and selling the party to a multi-lingual, multi-ethnic, and multi-religious state where he needs the votes of every tribe, language, and religion.

“What he needs is our support and advice, not outright condemnation for any little mistake.” Leadership can be tough.

“To those pushing for the removal of the state chairman, I plead with you to drop such a move, as it is a bad wind that will blow no one any good.

“To those within the state working committee of the party showing disrespect to the office of the state chairman, kindly cease forthwith as you may occupy that office tomorrow.”[/quotation]

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