Socialite Yhemolee apologize to Nasboi

Socialite Yhemolee has written sketch creator Nasboi an apology letter

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Socialite Yhemolee has written sketch creator Nasboi an apology letter  for making fun of his musical career and skill.
This comes after the negative reaction to a podcast episode in which the “king of nightlife” discussed Nasboi’s career and his recently released song, “Umbrella.”

Following Nasboi’s explanation of how the socialite undermined his career, Yhemolee addressed the matter and apologized via the X platform.

Before pursuing comedy, Nasboi was a singer, a fact that Yhemolee claims he was unaware of.

In a long statement apologizing, he said the show was meant to be a place for him to joke about with presenter Isbaeu.

He wrote: “Hi brother, First off I’m sure from the first time we met up till today, we have never crossed each other, and we have mutual respect. I have supported your craft and featured in some of your content. I totally respect your Talent and I can never water it down.

Oh well, you could have contacted me as I am doing right now if you had felt strongly about a reference made in the content with baeU. Either way, you would have understood the direction of the content with him or you would have had a clearer understanding.

Regarding the recent tweet you posted, I don’t take offense at all, even if I never expected it from you. However, let me apologize for it, hope it clears your mind, and promise that it won’t happen again. The content was intended to be more humorous, lighthearted, and sarcastic.

“Isbaeu treated me like a real bant, and I did the same to him.” I apologize once more; nothing was uttered out of hatred, contempt, or anything else. I truly adore your music, and I even assisted in spreading the word about it on my social media accounts. I said in the same video with Isbaeu how much of a lovely song it is, and I like it at work.

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