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Rules for Content Submission

Before being published, any content submitted to theGazetteNGR is subject to scrutiny by the editorial staff. By following these steps, users can get their entries ready and learn about the main requirements for publishing information on theGazetteNGR.

Rules for All Types of Content (Publications, News, Events, Jobs)

  1. Subject Matter: The information must be current, factual, objective, and rich in substance and must relate to news and current affairs, opinions, entertainment and lifestyle, gossip, and other pertinent topics. For more details on the themes covered by the TGazetteNGR, see our list of topics in the form’s category section below. theGazetteNGR users should evaluate submissions for being pertinent and interesting.
  2. Language: The Gazette NGR only publishes content in its native tongue unless it has been translated into another language. The content is not translated by theGazetteNGR. If a company has content, it ought to be in English.
  3. A variety of content: theGazetteNGR tries to show a wide range of organizations, ideas, and places.

Norms for Publications

The following standards also apply to submissions for publications, in addition to the general requirements above for any content published on theGazetteNGR:

1. theGazetteNGR welcomes contributions for original works from both groups and individuals. Individual submissions of documents, including those from students, are subject to the following standards:

  • A brief author biography that makes it simple for the reader to evaluate the author’s credentials must be included in the paper.
  • References and citations must be used.
  • Subject to software for detecting plagiarism evaluation. theGazetteNGR has stringent policies against plagiarism and maintains the right to reject any submission that may be challenged for being plagiarized.

2. Presentation: Publications must have a professional appearance and be free of spelling and grammatical errors. To make the information more readable, we advise using short paragraphs and the use of subheadings. If you submit a publication that does not meet these requirements, we will reject it, notify you of the reason(s), and give you the opportunity to submit an improved version.

3. Publication style: TheGazetteNGR only publishes material that is freely accessible as a public good. We accept many different kinds of documents, including free books, case studies, guidelines, operational tools and manuals, articles, toolkits, and web publications.

In addition, we publish

  • Annual Reports (Sponsored)
  • blog entries
  • news reports
  • Bulletins or newsletters
  • Reviews and  press releases

Submitting content

We will post your submission within three to five business days if it satisfies our requirements. Usually, we alter the submission to ensure consistency in the formatting and the inclusion of all pertinent data. Your content will be published, and you will be notified via email.

We will send you an email to let you know if your submission does not meet our standards and we are unable to publish it. In addition to helping you get your work ready for publication on theGazetteNGR, we are delighted to address any queries you may have.

Fill out the form, select the kind of content you want to contribute, and email it to us: