Tertiary Access Payment for Undergraduate 2022 Application Guide

Tertiary access payment
Tertiary access payment

Tertiary Access Payment applications are currently being accepted from suitably qualified students. It is a fully-funded scholarship available to all Flinders University students.

About the Scholarship

School leavers from an inner-regional, outer-regional, or remote area who are relocating to study at a higher education institution and whose home is more than 90 minutes away from their education provider are eligible for the Tertiary Access Payment (TAP), which is provided by the Commonwealth Government and is available to them. TAP is funded by the Commonwealth Government.

This payment aids high school graduates from rural and distant areas with the additional expenses that are connected with transferring to a new city in order to pursue a university education. Additionally, it provides financial assistance for the first year of study. The cash will help contribute toward day-to-day expenses as well as school costs.

The Tertiary Access Program (TAP) provides financial assistance to students who are enrolled full-time at the University of Adelaide in an undergraduate program of study and who are entering tertiary education in the year immediately following the completion of their Year 12 (or equivalent) education.

The Tertiary Access Payment (TAP) was created by the Commonwealth government to support the Government’s initiative to strengthen tertiary education in regional and remote Australia. The TAP is a one-time payment of $5,000 maximum. It is intended to assist eligible students with moving expenses. This is for study beyond the 12th grade or equivalent.

Purpose of Tertiary Access Payment

The Tertiary Access Payment is a one-time, $5,000 payment.

Conditions for the Tertiary Access Payment

  • The TAP will be accessible to high school seniors who:
  • Meet citizenship or residency requirements for Australia.
  • Are from an inner, outer, remote, or extremely remote region (defined using the Australian Statistical Geography Standard – Remoteness Area classification).
  • Are enrolled in a Certificate IV or higher, with at least 75% full-time study load and a minimum duration of one year, in the year following completion of Year 12 or its equivalent.
  • At least a portion of the course is conducted in a face-to-face or dual delivery format.
  • Are under 22 years old at the time they begin their course.
  • Relocate to an educational institution or regional university center that is at least 90 minutes away by public transportation from their family residence.
  • Parents or guardians have a combined income of less than $250,000 (or be exempt from meeting this requirement).

Click HERE to Apply

The deadline for applications is December 31, 2022.

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