The Top 5 Contentious Celebrity Incidents of 2023:

The top 5 contentious celebrity incidents of 2023.

As we say goodbye to 2023, the year has left its mark on Nigerian entertainment history with a number of newsworthy incidents that put the nation’s entertainers front and center.

Social media has been ablaze with discussions and arguments about the most interesting incidents involving well-known figures, ranging from shocking revelations to unexpected disputes.

Every episode shaped the year’s story and made a lasting impression on the business.

The top 5 contentious celebrity incidents of 2023 are as follows:

1. Mohbad’s Untimely Death (September 2023)

The September unexpected death of emerging talent Mohbad, signed to Naira Marley’s Marlian Music label, put a pall over the industry. Old videos that implicated Naira Marley and alluded to Mohbad’s fear for his life had come to light. Following the uproar, the public demanded that Naira Marley be arrested; however, further inquiry showed that there was only evidence connecting him to Mohbad’s abuse and harassment, not to his demise.


2. Oladips’ Fake Death (November 2023)

In November, rapper Oladips became embroiled in an odd scandal when his management reported him deceased on false pretenses following an undetected illness. Following Mohbad’s death, the unexpected news stoked rumors that it was a publicity ploy for Oladips’ next album. Later on, the rapper issued an apology, blaming his manager’s firing for the confusion.

3. Davido’s Cheating Scandal (June 2023)

The entertainment industry saw a significant development in June when two women, Anita Brown and Ivanna Bay, filed pregnancy claims against well-known Nigerian artist Davido. Anita Brown posted screenshots of her alleged pregnancy test results and talks with Davido in YouTube videos, while Ivanna Bay further escalated the controversy by sharing sexual chat logs. The singer’s personal life was the subject of criticism following the disclosures.


4. Rema’s “Demonic” O2 Arena Performance (November 2023)

Due to his use of props, sensational artist Rema’s performance at the O2 Arena sparked criticism, with some calling the show “demonic.” Rema addressed rumors that he had sold his soul to the devil, saying that the props honored his Edo State heritage by depicting relics from Benin and refuting theories of an Illuminati plot to stage his performance.


5. Seun Kuti’s Clash with a Police Officer (May 2023)

Seun Kuti, the son of Afrobeat icon Fela Kuti, gained prominence in May after a video of him hitting a policeman on Lagos’ Third Mainland Bridge went viral. Social media users were divided in their thoughts over Kuti’s actions, which sparked intense disputes about whether or not they were justified as self-defense. Due to his child’s presence in the car, Kuti defended himself by arguing that the policeman had put his family’s lives in danger.

It has been and eventful year with lots of amazing stories and scandals it had been our pleasure to bring to you daily happenings in the country we pray the year ahead will be prosperous, educative and fascinating.


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