Three Weird Guests left the restaurant without paying, See What Happened Next!

Guests Left Without Paying The Restaurant Owner Got A Shocking Letter After A Week
Guests Left Without Paying The Restaurant Owner Got A Shocking Letter After A Week

Read this beautiful story of three wired guests who came to a restaurant after eating slid away without paying for the food they ate on House Diver and decided to share with you, my beautiful readers. The story has been edited to suit your readership and engagement.

Restaurant management can be a difficult job. Apollo was content to be working at Middlesbrough’s Kilimandjaro restaurant despite the pressure. Because their business promotes equality, everyone there treats both employees and clients respectfully. Up until the day that three unidentified visitors ordered some chicken and then departed without paying the bill. Apollo was furious, but after receiving a letter from them, everything changed.

Every soccer enthusiast local travels to Kilimandjaro. They typically follow a weekend schedule and eat at this restaurant after seeing Middlesbrough F.C. play. One of the residents’ favorite dishes and the restaurant’s “trademark dish” is Waka Waka Chicken. The weekend was bustling as usual, but three out-of-town guests dined and went without paying, leaving Apollo and his team stunned!

Everyone at the restaurant assumed that day would start out like any other Saturday. As soon as the restaurant opened, patrons began to fill it, and business was brisk. Apollo wasn’t even there, to be honest. He wasn’t aware of what was happening at the restaurant because he was with his family. He didn’t anticipate any sort of commotion to take place. He wasn’t expecting his manager to call him on the spur of the moment.

Three Strange Visitors

Three men arrived at the door that Saturday for lunch. Since no one knew them, it was clear that they weren’t regulars or residents. They most likely came from outside the area and supported the team that weekend. Their accents were clearly distinguishable. That was noted by the waiter.

Three Weird Guests 2
Three Weird Guests 2

When you place your first order at a restaurant after entering for the first time, there is always an exciting risk to consider. It’s fortunate that these three men choose Kilimandjaro. The third one chose to eat their Waka Waka Chicken without the cheese, whereas the other two ordered it with cheese. They can’t help but comment it’s extremely good, which the crews overhear. They finished the food after 30 minutes and requested the bill.

Secret Recipe

The sauce on the table was one item that caught the boys’ attention. It had the same appearance as the well-known chicken eatery Nando’s. When they tried it, they realized it was something different even though they initially believed it to be the same thing. This sauce has a distinctive taste. The moment payment was due

Secret Sauce
Secret Sauce

As they were going to pay for their meals, the three males called for the check. The lunch was 35 pounds, which is around 43 dollars now. The waiter came up to the table. To pay for the meals, Tom, Alex, and Harry provided their credit cards. They were disappointed to learn that they only accept cash from the waitress. To tend to other tables, the waitress departed. But each of the three men had a distinct strategy.

They walked away silently.

When the waitress returned, she was astonished to see the table empty! She was about to take the amount in cash. But it appears that Tom, Alex, and Harry got up and walked out of the establishment. They left all of their bags and stuff behind and didn’t even pay for their dinner. The manager was informed by the waitress, and he phoned Apollo. He won’t be pleased about this for sure.

Confounded and enraged

Confused And Angry
Confused And Angry

Apollo picked up the phone right away and was furious as the waitress explained what had occurred. What kind of person would place an order at a little eatery and then simply walk out without paying? Is this the current state of our society? Apollo had visited a lot of locations and eateries around the globe, but this has got to be one of the silliest schemes he’s ever heard of!

The People Of Honesty Live Here

In an interview with Gazette Live, Apollo asserted that Burkina Faso, the nation where he was born, truly means “The Land of Honest People.” Since he spent his formative years in the country of West Africa, Apollo has always prized honesty, and he brought that philosophy with him to the United Kingdom many years ago. Apollo was forced to use extreme measures due to his situation.

Using Extraordinary Effort

Taking Extreme Measures
Taking Extreme Measures

Apollo was known as a man of integrity, and he felt strongly about what had happened in his restaurant. He admitted that the incident had made him lose faith in people. He instructed his staff to ensure that the clients stayed until they made payment if something similar occurred again. Apollo kept out hope that the clients would come back despite his disappointment.


There was still no indication of the three males showing up to pay for their supper a few days later. Apollo made it a point to always be present at the eatery in case Tom, Alex, or Harry decided to drop by. The owner’s chances of seeing them again decreased as time went on. Apollo was astonished to see one of his staff members enter his office and hand him something while he was working inside.

A Horrific Letter

The waiter told Apollo that he had a message for him that he wanted to read straight away when he came in. The employee was eager for Apollo to read the letter since she was certain she knew what was inside. The proprietor pulled the envelope out of his waiter’s hands, curious as to what it might hold. On the other hand, as soon as he opened the letter, he was shocked by its contents.

The Land Of Honest People
The Land Of Honest People

Apollo was shocked to find £40 (about $50) in notes falling out onto his desk when he opened the gift. The owner told Gazette Live, “We open the envelope, and there’s some money.” It didn’t take long to realize that the money had come from Tom, Alex, and Harry—the three individuals who had only recently departed the restaurant. Apollo was astonished by the gift he received, but he was in for a bigger shock when he read the note inside.


Apollo opened the letter and began to read it when he realized that all three of the buddies expressed sincere remorse for leaving the restaurant without paying for their meals.“Please accept my pals’ and [my] sincere apologies… we forgot to pay our bill,” one of them wrote. “It was out of character for us, which is why we are so sorry”. Apollo wasn’t convinced they were sincere, though. They continued by recounting what had happened that day.

They desired payment.

Three Weird Guests
Three Weird Guests

The three friends persuaded Apollo that they wanted to pay for their supper even though they had not explicitly said that they meant to do so. Simply put, they didn’t have any cash on them. They requested to pay with a credit card but were informed that the establishment only takes cash payments. This explains why they didn’t say anything as they left the restaurant. They were seeking a way to obtain money because they needed it. However, things did not turn out as expected.

Hurrying To The ATM

The three companions made the hasty decision to leave the restaurant and find the closest ATM after learning from the waiter that it does not accept credit cards. They even asserted that they had a contract with a staff member that required them to send someone out to retrieve money from a machine and return it as quickly as feasible. Then, they said, “We then departed Kilimanjaro to begin our quest.” Despite their best efforts, they had to shift their focus.

Final Train

The three pals searched for an ATM for the next thirty minutes before realizing the last train home was about to leave. They wrote that this caused them to rush to the train station and almost miss their train since it took their focus off of looking for an A.T.M. machine. At that point, the party discovered they had forgotten to cash the check. At that point, they were hundreds of miles away from Middlesbrough, and it was already too late.

Not a Townie

Instead of going back to the restaurant to pay Apollo in person because they lived in a far-off region of the country, they were mailing a letter to him instead. Since they weren’t from Middlesbrough, they couldn’t go back to the eatery and make amends. They wanted to pay them as soon as possible because they had no idea when they would return to Kilimanjaro.

5 Stars

While reading the group’s explanation, Apollo realized that it wasn’t the only item they had shared with him. Additionally, Tom, Alex, and Harry informed him that they wanted to award Kilimandjaro five stars because they had so much fun there. They committed to writing a positive TripAdvisor review as soon as possible. After finishing the letter and setting it on his desk, he was at a loss for words.

Faith Restored In Humanity

When Apollo got the message, he was completely gobsmacked, according to Apollo. He continued, “When we first got the letter, it was very, very unexpected [and] shocking. On the other side, the owner was shocked that people could still commit such crimes. He said, “I thought such people were extinct”. And although though he is from the “Land of Honest Individuals,” Apollo has grown to believe that there are honest people everywhere.

Did They Return?

Apollo’s confidence in people was restored by the letter, although there is no proof that he ever actually met the three travelers on Kilimanjaro. The fact that they have a five-star rating on TripAdvisor suggests that they appear to have kept their word. They said, “I would really recommend it to anyone in the area and would definitely return if I found myself in Middlesbrough again.” It would have been inefficient to go back for the Waka Waka chicken.

Not open anymore

The lengthy trip back to Middlesbrough that Tom, Alex, and Harry took seems to have been in vain. This is true because Apollo’s restaurant hasn’t been open since the incident. It is unknown why the restaurant closed, however other sites around the nation seem to be up and running properly. Whatever the case, Apollo seemed to have found a lot of inspiration in that heartfelt letter, and things have only grown better for him ever since.

Feeling Grateful

Without a doubt, Apollo was displeased to have to shut down his restaurant. On the other hand, the businessman doesn’t seem to have wasted any time in heading back out. Just days after hearing the terrible news, Apollo was busy posting pictures of himself and his family online. He captioned one of the pictures, in which he was driving his car, “Feeling blessed.”

There Is Only Up from Here

Although Tom, Alex, and Harry were unable to visit Apollo’s restaurant to offer their appreciation in person, they will be delighted to hear that he is in good condition and is content. The billionaire not only makes his own sauce, but he also chairs the soccer team Thornaby FC. Apollo’s latest business endeavors have allowed him to interact with well-known soccer stars. This motivated young man seems to have a bright future, that much is evident.

striving to provide for his family

After all, Apollo’s main driving force behind being such a prosperous businessman is to support his family. In addition, he hopes to inspire his kids to have the same aspirations as him and to make his wife and kids happy. Without a doubt, children will grow up modeling their father after hearing tales like this one.

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