Eminent Figures Set to Receive Top Honours at TGNews Awards Gala 2024!

TGNews, the influential Adamawa based online news portal, is gearing up to bestow honours upon outstanding contributors to nation-building. The upcoming awards ceremony, scheduled for January 6th, 2024, promises to celebrate excellence, dedication, and unsung heroes across four distinguished categories.

TG News Awards
TG News Awards

Celebrating Excellence: The Impact of TGNews Awards Ceremony


  • TGNews in Adamawa State is set to recognise impactful individuals across leadership, service, dedication, and unsung heroism. Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri and notable figures will be lauded for their leadership excellence, while Arch Bishop Panti Philibus leads the service awardees.
  • The upcoming awards have triggered debate over their selection process, raising concerns about those included and excluded. Questions on criteria arise amid anticipation for the January 6th event at the Lelewal Hotel, highlighting a mix of excitement and debate.
  • Beyond known figures, TGNews plans to honour unsung heroes like cobbler Ado Mohammed and groundnut seller Mohamad Rabiu. While the awards ceremony aims to celebrate societal impact, attention is drawn to the individuals less recognised for their invaluable contributions.

The anticipation buzzes in Adamawa State as The General News (TGNews), a stalwart in online reportage, prepares to honour individuals whose contributions have shaped society. Scheduled for January 6th, 2024, the awards ceremony recognises outstanding achievements and is a tribute to the dedication, perseverance, and uncelebrated heroes among us.

At the core of this event lies the desire to acknowledge those whose efforts transcend mere recognition. The categories—leadership, service, dedication, and unsung heroes—serve as pillars of acknowledgement, each spotlighting a different facet of societal impact.

The category for “Excellence in Leadership” is poised to commend figures like Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri and other distinguished personalities. These leaders have steered the course of governance, leaving indelible marks on Adamawa State and beyond.

Meanwhile, the “Meritorious Service Award” extends its reach to individuals like Arch Bishop Panti Philibus and Sheikh Nuruddeen Khalid, highlighting their unwavering commitment to serving communities and fostering harmony.

The “Dedication and Quality Service” category aims to celebrate professionals like Rear Admiral Jamila Malafa (Rtd.) and Barrister Chafari Kanya Shadrack. Their dedication to their respective fields has set benchmarks and inspired others to strive for excellence.

And then there’s the “Unsung Heroes Award,” casting a spotlight on the unheralded yet invaluable contributors to society. Ado Mohammed, a humble shoe cobbler, and Mohamad Rabiu, a groundnut seller, represent the unsung champions whose everyday actions quietly shape the community’s fabric.

The impact of such accolades transcends the boundaries of individual recognition. For the awardees, it serves as a validation of their tireless efforts, a testament that their work hasn’t gone unnoticed. It ignites a sense of pride and motivates them to continue their commendable endeavours.

Moreover, the ripple effect extends to the community. These awards don’t merely recognise individuals; they celebrate the collective spirit of progress and dedication. They inspire others, especially the younger generation, to dream big, work hard, and aspire to make a difference.

Mohammed Ismail’s emphasis on TGNews’ role in factual reporting and multimedia operations underscores the significance of such platforms. Beyond being conduits of information, they also become conduits of inspiration, highlighting stories that need to be told and acknowledging individuals who deserve to be celebrated.

As the date inches closer, excitement fills the air, not just for the awards themselves but for the narratives they carry—the stories of perseverance, service, and dedication. The TGNews Awards Ceremony is not just an event; it’s a tribute to the human spirit, a celebration of the essence that binds us all—the drive to excel, inspire, and make a lasting impact.



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