UNN Should Be Renamed After Queen Elizabeth to Immortalize Her – Adamu Garba

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The ex-presidential candidate of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Adamu Garba has said that the University Of Nigeria, Nsukka should be renamed after Queen Elizabeth to immortalize her.


  • APC ex-presidential candidate claims UNN should be renamed after Queen Elizabeth to immortalize her.
  • He said those that attended the University should start planning to redo their CVs.
  • He added that renaming the school would’ve been easier, had it been he is communicating with Nigerian grandparents.


Adamu Garba claim of University of Nsukka UNN, being the first university was debunked by many Nigerians online, he added another point claiming that UNN was the first university under sovereign Nigeria. 

Adamu Garba also added that those that graduated from the University should start planning to redo their CVs and then he finally congratulate them on this remarkable progress.

According to Adamu Garba on Twitter he said;

[quotation] In order to immortalize Queen Elizabeth, we should rename the University of Nigeria, Nsukka to Queen Elizabeth University of Nigeria since it is the first University in Nigeria.

Immortalizing Queen Elizabeth by renaming the University of Nigeria, Nsukka in her honor would’ve been an easier deal if I were communicating with our grandparents. 

Fortunately, they knew her worth. Age is a grace, & 7 decades on the Throne can only be the work of God and Grace.

University of Ibadan was there before Nigeria became sovereign. University of Nigeria, Nsukka is the first University under the sovereign Nigeria.

Those of you that went to UNN, Nsukka, get ready to redo your CVs. Hopefully, your former school will be renamed to Queen Elizabeth University of Nigeria. I congratulate you on this remarkable progress. [/quotation]

Mixed reactions trailed after Adamu Garba claims, below are some comments;

@DanielRegha Wrote: [quotation]Adamu Garba u keep d!sgracing urself given the slightest opportunity, but it’s not surprising since u are a proud member of the APC; The University of Nigeria, Nsukka, will not be renamed to honour any foreigner. If u want to immortalize Queen Elizabeth, bu!ld ur own university. [/quotation]

@Frank41317622 replied to Adamu Garba by saying:  

[quotation]University of Ibadan was created by the British in 1948 and got its independence from them in 1962. UNN was created in 1955 by nnamdi azikiwe and became a federal University in 1960. UI is the oldest university in our geographical space called Nigeria but its not d first uni of Nigeria.[/quotation]

@OfonzeGozie:  [quotation]Oga what are you saying? Why not the University of Ibadan that the British had a hand in. Abeg nothing concern University of Nigeria with Queen Elizabeth. Take your time make we no get issues Boss. Inukwa University that was built with the proceeds of palm oil by then Eastern NG. [/quotation]

@el_bonga wrote:  [quotation]Adamu please rest. Stop using the Queen’s death to attract unnecessary attention as usual please. Is there any need to name a university after her? Have they ever named one of their schools after any African leader, say Mandela?.  [/quotation]



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