US and UK Navies Shoot Down 21 Drones and Missiles Fired by Houthi Rebels in Major Red Sea Clash

US and UK Navies Shoot Down

US and UK Navies Shoot Down, in the last seven weeks, this violent group has carried out 26 attacks on international sea lines. The Houthi rebels in Yemen fired 21 drones and missiles in the southern Red Sea on Wednesday, according to US and UK naval officials.

US and UK Navies Shoot Down 21 Drones and Missiles Fired by Houthi Rebels

US and UK Navies Shoot DownThis is the rebel group’s 26th attack on international maritime commerce lines in the last seven weeks.

The Houthi rebels’ eighteen drones, two anti-ship cruise missiles, and one anti-ship ballistic missile were allegedly shot down by the US military’s Central Command and British forces.

This incident coincides with the United Nations Security Council’s scheduled vote on a resolution on January 10th, which calls for an immediate end to the Houthi rebels’ attacks on commercial and trade ships in the Red Sea region.

The Associated Press reports that the draft resolution states that the attacks by the Houthis are hindering international trade and posing a threat to both regional peace and security and the freedoms and rights of navigation.

The resolution that is being submitted seeks to demand that the Galaxy Leader—the first ship that the Houthis attacked—be released right away. In November, the crew and this Japanese-operated cargo ship associated with an Israeli enterprise were apprehended.

“Iranian-backed Huthis launched a complex attack of Iranian designed one-way attack UAVs… anti-ship cruise missiles, and an anti-ship ballistic missile from Huthi-controlled areas of Yemen into the Southern Red Sea,” the US Central Command stated in a statement on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, a private intelligence company called Ambrey claims that the incident happened off the port cities of Hodeida and Mokha in Yemen.

According to Ambrey, in the Hodeida incident, ships radioed in to report seeing missiles and drones, which caused nearby US-allied warships to warn passing vessels to move as quickly as possible.

Following Ambrey’s early report on Wednesday, ships saw missile firings off Mokha, along with a drone in the air and small vessels behind them. The British military’s United Kingdom Marine Trade Operations [UKTMO] also verified the incident off Hodeida.

Nonetheless, “no injuries or damage reported,” according to the US Central Command. Ships are urged to navigate cautiously and report any suspicious activity, according to the UKTMO.

Ships observed missile firings off Mokha on Wednesday, according to Ambrey’s early report. They also observed a drone in the air and smaller vessels trailing behind them. The event off Hodeida was also confirmed by the United Kingdom Marine Trade Operations [UKTMO] of the British Navy.

Nevertheless, the US Central Command stated that “no injuries or damage reported.”

The UKTMO advises ships to use caution when navigating and to report any suspicious behavior.

The militant organization with support from Iran has asserted that Israel’s activities in Gaza are the reason behind the strikes in the Red Sea. Since Israel started its attack on Gaza on October 7, at least 23,210 people have died there. According to the Houthis, they would not stop attacking until Israel ends its conflict in Gaza.


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